• Reflections on Fundraising with USJ

    Developing a Sustainable Strategy
  • Reflections on Leadership with Besme Group

    Lebanese Women in Decision Making
  • Enhancing Collaboration with Caritas Lebanon

    Strengthening the Bond
  • Meeting with Erasmus+ Lebanon

    Discussing the Programme's Opportunities
  • Med Youth Meeting 2022

    Inter-knowledge, Free Speech and Construction

Welcome to LDN

It is very common nowadays that ‘networks’ in general are making tremendous contributions to service delivery and social change.


The term by itself is very expansive and holds strong characteristics of social capital, management, and mutually beneficial partnership which create a dynamic structure committed to its excellence.


The concept of LDN in this regard becomes more real in developmental engagements when non-profits, corporate and public sector’s interests converge.

Strategic Options

Capacity Building

As a capacity building instrument, LDN’s main endeavor is to assist target groups to improve their practices...

Social Marketing

We see Social Marketing as an approach to develop activities aiming at changing or maintaining people’s behavior...

Networking Practices

LDN’s Networking Practice ‘Starts with a Goal in Mind.’ It is not only to facilitate the links between individuals...





Client Base



Our Partners