About us


The Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) was created in 1993, in response to the desire expressed by a number of Arab stakeholders, including local, regional and international institutions as well as governments, to establish a center of academic research and field studies relating to the status of women.

In addition to collecting data, indicators and statistics on women’s economic, social and political conditions, CAWTAR significantly contributes in sharing knowledge, building partnerships and reinvigorating policy dialogue and advocacy in order to improve the lives of women in the Arab world.

CAWTAR Mission is to contribute to empowering Arab women to fully exercise their human rights. CAWTAR aim at doing this by generating knowledge in order to produce accumulated evidence to enhance the capacity of Arab institutions in promoting and advocating for gender equality and the promotion of women to decision-making positions

CAWTAR objectives are to:
• Empower women and promote gender equality.
• Reduce gender gaps as a means of achieving sustainable development in the Arab Region.