About us

Message from the President

Dear friends and colleagues,


Since its inception, The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) has always tried to create a model that makes sense within context, by which we mean a safe and productive social environment where people can act, perform and realize efficiently.


With respect to that model, LDN has been promoting the concept of networking to advance social progress and emphasizing the notion of capacity building to enhance sustainable growth while anticipating future trends.


Moreover, our mission reflects the organization's ongoing commitment to utilizing its skills and resources to help communities respond to the ever changing social requirements.


We are dedicated to work with individuals and organizations to assist them not only to influence their societies, but to impact them by making a real and measurable change in the lives of people they serve.


Finally, we believe that human capacity is the greatest reserve of any society and the  cornerstone of every long-term development. In spirit, it means sharing ideas in the service of the common good, while in practical terms, it means bringing synergetic efforts to ensure transformational outcomes.  





Amin Nehme,

Founder & President