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I appreciate the huge network you had done, hope for cooperation with you as my experience in EU projects.

Mostafa Kamel Abdeldayem ,

I very much appreciate your great work in Development and I look forward to working with you to make Lebanon better place for living.

Ahmad J.Naous, AUL

Congratulations! Good Job!

Chryssy Potsiou,

Keep up the pace! I hope the new Lebanese parliamentary elections will open up new business and investment opportunities in the country for immigrants and foreign companies

Robert Zogbi,

Nice work! It's good to know that there is a portal where you can find interesting info and potential collaborators.

Dr. Stefanos Spaneas, University of Nicosia

I like what you are doing and would love to know more.

Luke Kapchanga,

Goood work. This is a very natured site.


Great initiative Amin for joining the ‘Global Thinkers Mentors Programme 2017.’ Looking forward to see more Lebanese joining this worthy program.

Robert Zogbi ,

Congratulations for LDN for the recent Cooperation Agreement with the Egyptian 'Innovety LLC' for the 'Promotion of Sustainable Social Development through Innovation.' Looking forward to hear more good news!

Robert Zogbi ,

Congratulations to Senior United Nations adviser Henrietta Aswad for joining the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) as Lead Consultant. Lots of success!

Robert Zogbi ,

I appreciate what you do. A great job. Thank you for all your efforts. What a nice and big group going on without stopping.


Great work. Thank you for tackling such an important subject, as women are always the most affected in times of conflict.

Lamis Nasser,

Great work, thank you for tackling such an important subject, as women are always the most affected in times of conflict.

Lamis Nasser,

I wish you the best as you help others.

Hiam Saleeby,

Innovative as usual guys!! Great work & Keep it up!


Sharing vital information among all sectors made your site very instructive and beneficial to all. Thank you for the great job done LDN.

Marie Hanna,

Very good work dear friends of LDN !! Go ahead in this way !! Best Regards !

José María Almada Sad,

Best wishes to LDN & keep up with the good work .

Taher Bazzoun,

LDN's coverage is quite interesting, diversified & authentic. In many instances it's not only informative, but also beneficial. I highly appreciate the work & the progress. Cheers Mohd.

Mohamad Khawlie,

Great work. Wish you all the best LDN !!

Hanan al-Aridi,

Dear LDN, I think you are doing great job. Your newsletter is really informative. Wish you all of the luck in the future..

Yousef Salimah,

A huge fan of your newsletter and your team.

Jasmin Lilian Diab,

Great Idea & Good Job. Congratulations & looking forward for more improvements.

Kamal Chamie,

It s a great tool to show what Lebanese are capable of. Need to apply it somehow to our beloved country to show the world our real strength as a country not only as individuals.

Rudolph Fata,

I work at the Royal Scientific Society in Jordan. I am a trainer of trainers. I took the lead in different youth projects and I hope to cooperate with you. Best Wishes.

Tharaw Qotaish, Royal Scientific Society

I work in rural development. I hope to cooperate with you in the future. Good Luck.

Nino Paternò,

Simply, it is a great idea.

Antoine Ghanem, Ghanem Group - Australia

Dear all, it is really an innovative initiative in our region that provides the best ground for building a system for knowledge sharing practices among national, regional and international NGOs.

Diana Haddadin, N/A

Congratulations. Very good job. Good luck.

Norma Rizk,

Dear all, your portal remains and brings me lot of good memories. I was in Beirut in the Seventies for one year but never after that, so today I enjoy reading and getting information from Lebanon. Thank you.

Alain DUVAL ,

The workshop I have attended lately with Mr. Amin (Fundraising Communication Tools), Spotlight and the course of work LDN is committing to are what make it one of the best Networks in Lebanon.

Farah Bayoumi,

Thank you for including me in your mailing list, and good luck.

Paula abdelhak,

The site is very good, I suggest translating it into other languages ​​in order to have a broader international coverage.

Miriam Juaiek,

Dears, your mission is vital in building capacity of the civil society and civil structure in general is subject of high appreciation. I have been into one of your training workshops. Your work is wonderful.

Ziad Kawash - UNRWA, ESCWA

Each and every work dedicated to Lebanon benefit is considered as a blessed job. You have our total support.

Ghada Abou Jaoude,

I am very mutch interested by LDN analysis. Thanks for your efforts.

Georges Tyan,

Dear LDN, Greeting from Yemen and I am pleased to share my issue with you. You all guys doing a wonderful job and I would like to be part of the organization in order to get the chance to benefit. Since 2006 up to date am working in the field of learning and Development. Wish you all of luck, Lamia Mohammed Anwer; Licensed Springboard Trainer at British Council,Yemen Training & Project Management at Modern Science Foundation Development(MSFD)

Lamia Mohammed Anwer, Modern Science Foundation Development

I appreciate your work and wish you good luck for all your team members...You guys are doing a great job..!


Dear LDN, I would like to be part of this organization, to get the chance to benefit from the job offers that you have or internships. Since am still continuing my education in Business administration and my expected graduation will be in 2014, I would like to get internships and a part time job. Thank you.

Lara Al Nasabi,

Wonderful Guys, no doubt you have been doing a great job. I have been reading most if not all issues, all along.

George Bourjaily, BMS

You provide a very important service, truly one-of-a-kind in Lebanon. I recommend you to everyone I meet.

Nick Boke - Teach for Lebanon, Teach for Lebanon

It takes two to tango... Thank you for the great link..!

Richard Alam,

Wishing you all the best; much happiness and success.

Mohamad Yaghi ( Act For Lebanon), Act for Lebanon

Great Work... Best of Luck..!

Mahmoud Tarabay,

Great Link among people.

Raymond Matta,

To colleagues at LDN, In the name of ABAAD team, I would like to sincerely thank you for your partnership and support to the national campaign. Side by Side to end Gender Based Violence in Lebanon! Sincerely,

Ghida Anani (Director of ABAAD),

I am really impressed with your social networking activities and hard work which are beneficial to our beloved Lebanon. Wishing you and your team all the best dear Amin. Ghassan Kabbara (Lebanon)

Ghassan Kabbara,

My heart grows when I get updated to your activities & I get really proud that such team is doing this great work in helping with the development of our country in the absence of the government's role to do it. I wish to become part of you after some experience and i would like to invest some of my free time with you as a volunteer.

Jessica Jabr,

I am so impressed and pleased to see, through the appreciative testimonials of the participants, how deep and effective is the impact of the training workshops, courses sessions and networking you are providing to the leaders of a variety of organizations serving our communities in our beloved Lebanon. I am longing to go back to the cedar's Land symbol of longevity, tenacity and beauty, being confident that, thanks to your vibrant and inspiring role amongst the Lebanese civil society, the livelihood is still thriving in Lebanon and shining like a beacon of hope, catalyst of progress and a hub of growth and prosperity. Keep up the outstanding performance and achievements..!


You have an amazing website. You are a great resource. Thank you.

souhair abouzaki,

I've been slightly following up your website and I want to congratulate you for the hard work and wish you all the best.

Walid Abdulkarim Badawi, أبناء المينا

Glad I visited your website. I wish you the best as you help others.

Lorrie Rutledge,

You guys are a source of continuous inspiration..! In addition to a cooking newsletter, you are amongst the few newsletters that I look forward to read every week. Why? Because you have absolutely everything that people like me working in the field of development would ask for. Keep the faith.

Maya Terro,

Congrats. You're doing an amazing job.


Constructive mission, and much humanitarian affiliation. Good luck!

Jihad El-Mallah,

Best of luck on all your endeavors. It pays great dividents to the cause of developement, human rights and democracy, just what is needed.

Hamzi Yazbeck,

Very interesting projects and initiatives. I wish you all the best.

nazek saleh ,

Best of luck!! Interesting work!

Nadeen Haddad,

Blessings and congratulations. The Lebanon for the Lebanese.

amir ibn tawfik simon,

Fantastic site! Thank you for all the information. If you have a mailing list or newsletter, please put me on it.

Sonia Lambajian,

Great Website and Activities.

Amer Arslan,

Great website, Great information, and Good Luck.

Nehmat Baroudi,

Really catchy website!

Samir Elias Zehil,

I wish you continuous success, growing reach and propagating impact. I deeply appreciate all your endeavor.

Hamid Aouad, Texas,

Great website!

Rewa Kassamani,

Best wishes for Christmas and hope for a peaceful New Year from Sabina, CIFA

Sabina Llewellyn-Davies Mahfoud,

Congratulations on your great website. This is impressive and makes us all proud!

Michael Jarouche, Michigan ,

To all, this is a good start for a great idea. As an architect in Anaheim (The beautiful city of the Great Place on Earth, Disneyland) California, and as the Chairman of the City of Anaheim Planning Commission, I congratulate the whole team on this venture.

Joseph Karaki, California,

Great work....Keep it up....Wish you the best...!

Ahmad Saad,

Best Wishes.

Hesham Nassar, Cairo,

We are very lucky to have a person like you with a positive approach to a better Lebanon through a strong educational base and well strategic planning. Good Luck.

Marcel Ayoub,

Hello Amin, valuable work and a patience of a saint.Well done.This site is absolutly fantastic . From all of us here in Ireland Guy & Co.

Guy Younes,

As a former member of the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon from 1997 to 2000, I know the incredible amount of work you have put up to realize your goal. It is just fantastic! Good luck with your website and keep the faith. Help you God!

Madeleine T. Lavergne,

Congratulations. Good Work.

Sarah El Hassrouny,

Congratulations, Amin. Wishing you and the organization much prosperity. You will make a positive impact on the world, and I wish you and your team all the best.

Amy Locke, Boston ,

Congratulations & wishing you continuous success. Best regards.

Hikmat Bou Doumit ,

Dear Amin, with your hard work and patience you have proved that nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Ab imo pectore, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Obeid, Boston,'re doing an amazing job...

Elsy Kamel,

WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU AMIN. From the bottom of my heart i wish you all the sucsses,Congratulations. If you need anything from the states i'm in email away from you.

Rania Abi Badra, Michigan,

Dear Amin, you're doing a very good work..! wish you all the best. Congratulations.

Najah Khalil ,

Dear Amine, i am really proud that you are doing this work.

Michel Kanbour ,

Nice work my old friend, best of luck, please let me know if I can help.

Joseph Youssef, Chicago ,

Dear Amin: You make us proud. Congratulations!

Rita Coram M.D, Indiana,

Dear Amin, Congratulations on your new project . It's Great , i wish you all the prosperity and the best of luck.

Justin Abboud, New Hampshire ,

1000 Mabrouk Amin and keep up the good work!

Eliane Masry Traboulsi ,

Congratulations. Wishing you prosperity and productivity.

Rudy Sassine ,

Congratulation Amin. You are a great asset for lebanon.

Edward Moussawer, Michigan,