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Attending the workshop was truly transformative. I left feeling equipped with valuable insights and motivated to apply what i learned .

Bassel Younes, Novadim food technology

Interesting topic , loved the leadership session. Trainers were good. Needed more interactive exercises.

Samar sahily , PwC

It was a greet pleasure to participate in the Academy#1 Strategic plannig for BSOs. There was a constructive exchange of experience. Looking forward for the coming workshop in Tunisia.

Amani Wahabi, Agency For the Promotion of Industry and Innovtion

I would like to thank the organiser for this training. Really really worth it. Immediately applicable also. Looking forward to the next step.

Afaf Nehme, Entrepreneurial Development Foundation

It was an amazing workshop by juggling multiple potential projects so let's take action to visualiize them. Hope to see all of you next step in Tunisia.

Aida Béji Kallel, CNFCE (National council of business women

Very proud to participate in academy# 1 with EBSOMED that was organized in Lebanon by CAWTAR and LDN. Excellent practical experience and networking opportunities. LDN team was super supportive and play a leading role in the successful implementation for that important event. Looking forward to participating in more activities to come.

Waseem Abd Al Halim, Business Alliance

It was a real pleasure for me to train participants on Strategic Planning and to learn from their experience in return. What inspired me most is to see the impact of these organizations in their regions and to imagine how the future could look like with such passionate and driven organizations that are impact oriented and joining efforts to help the region reach its full potential. Great mindset, plenty of energy and so many inspiring personalities.

Houda Ghozzi, Medina Works

It was a great workshop. Thanks very much for all the efforts. Honestly speaking, it is one of the best workshops I have ever attended and you are one of the best trainers without any doubt. Looking forward for the coming workshops.

Hanin Fakih, UNDP

Effective Report Writing workshop was quite interesting for me. I have no doubt that the methodology and the tips I learnt will be reflected in my next report. Thanks a million for a very professional trainer, Mr. Nehme, who conveys his knowledge in a simple and clear way.

Mey Al Sayegh, Ministry of State for Displaced Affairs

Happy to be there and have you with us. Thank you so much.

Nouhad Awwad, CSF South Fellows Program

Thank you for your sincere effort and thanks to CSFSOUTH.

Emad Elshaarawy, CSF South Fellows Program

Thank you for your great effort Mr. Amin. I have learned a lot. Thanks for everything and for your kindness.

Ebtihal Tarawneh, CSF South Fellows Program

Thank you for the great impact you left on each and every one of us.

Noor Slim, CSF South Fellows Program

It was a very rich program and very tough indeed. But all the tips and instructions are very useful and so important. Keep going ahead Dr. Amin and LDN. Thank you.

Rita Abou Jaoude, The Naji Cherfan Foundation

It was such a fruitful and valuable workshop which added a lot for me in the Public Speaking and Communication Skills with Mr. Amin Nehme, as I would to thank you all for organizing this important event, and special thank you to Mr. Amin.

Afifah Kittaneh, Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation

Merci énormément professeur et honorable Mr. Un salut distingué de la Tunisie.

Mohsen Gharsallah, CSF South Fellowship Program

The best thing is that you are our trainer. Really we are proud.

Ola Adawi, CSF South Fellowship Program

Thank you for the best work you did we are proud of being part of your workshops.

Boubakeur Boucif, CSF South Fellowship Program

It was a very rich program and very tough indeed. But all the tips and instructions are very useful and so important. Keep going ahead Dr. Amin and LDN. Thank you.

Rita Abou Jaoude, The Naji Cherfan Foundation

The Reflection on Fundraising training workshop was very beneficial. It helped me expand my knowledge, acquire new skills and increase my contribution to the organization. Thank you for providing us with a new incentive to learn.

Lina Farhat, National Diabetes Organization - DiaLeb

Fundraising is a valuable and worthy work. I had the pleasure to meet and learn new fundamental points to elaborate my career. A very special thanks to Mr. Amin Nehme for this important training.

Rita Abou Jaoude, The Naji Cherfan Foundation

Communication is the key to education. I had the pleasure to meet and learn from highly respected professionals coming from different cultures and countries. It was really an excellent training, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. A very special thanks to Mr. Amin Nehme for all his hard work.

Mira Moughnieh, Mentis Plus

The most valuable lessons you learn in life come from new people you meet. We learned a lot in Italy because it wasn't limited to the informative and rich content but also the friends we made. Shukran.

Zayna B Ayyad, ABAAD

The training was fruitful, full of passion and knowledge. It is my pleasure to attend such a training course, and hope to be a participant in the coming ones.

Maram Shabaneh, INL Projects - Ministry of Finance

I am so proud of your seriousness, knowledge and willingness to pass clear info to each and everyone. It was a start and hope not an end. Thank you very much.

Issa Akkawi, SOS Children's Villages' Graduates Association

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you. The workshop was very interesting indeed. Thank you Mr. Amine Nehme for the great workshop on Effective Communication Skills.

Darine Abou Ammo, CCCL

The training on Effective Communication Skills was very informative and rich in content. Mr. Amine was very professional and effective.

Alaa Hilal, Children's Cancer Center Lebanon

We really appreciate your guidance, the time you spent and experience you shared with us to make this workshop and training go efficient.

Bilal Koush, Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)

Thank you Mr. Nehme for the beneficial and interesting training on Effective Communication Skills. It was just great.

Rima Beydoun , Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon CCCL

Thank you so much Mr. Amin Nehme for the great learning experience. It was an excellent training seminar with very useful information delivered in a very good manner. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend.

Zeina El Chami , Children's cancer center of Lebanon (CCCL)

Dear Mr. Nehmeh, I would like to thank you for the Effective Communication and Public Speaking training workshop. It was very beneficial to me.

Christiane El Ferzli, CCCL

Thank you Mr. Amin Nehme for the interesting workshop. Very informative and beneficial.

Eithar Al-Ghoul, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ)

A true leader creates leaders. Thank you AFF, LDN and precisely Mr. Amine Nehme for such an inspirational and interesting training on Organizational Leadership.

Rana Azar, Cénacle de la Lumière

I want to Thank LDN and Mr. Amine Nehme for an extremely interesting and informative seminar.

Aline Moussallem, Mentor Arabia

Thank you Mr. Amin for this great workshop! It was really very interesting and beneficial.

Manal Azhari Bashi, Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)

The dawn of Leadership and not Leaders..! It's always a pleasure and inspiration attending workshops by Mr. Amin Nehme! Thank you!

Karen Khoury , Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)

Thank you for the great training workshop on 'Organizational Leadership.' Really appreciate the time and effort you put into ensuring the maximum impact for the participants in terms of learning and fun.

Marie Hanna, Freelancer

Mr. Amine, it has always been our pleasure to learn from your wonderful experience. A true leader is built on your hands. Much appreciation and respect. Thank you.

Mira Mkanna, Progressive Youth Organization

I was very pleased to attend the seminar on Public Speaking. Very useful information. I think it was great. When I left, I was very motivated to get back to work to implement what we learned. Very enjoyable!

Sana Moukaddem, Perla

Experience is not what happened to you,it`s what happened in you...The Public Speaking training was a good experience to me...Thanks Mr.Amine!

Jean Mourad, CDDG

Thank you Amine for a landmark presentation about Public Speaking. It's a memory I will always cherish.

Eli Mendelek,

Thank you LDN for giving us this special opportunity to understand the real meaning of fundraising. The workshop was great. Nice to meet new active people and friends. All the best.

Désirée Rizk, Play Music Organization

Mr. Nehme inspired us to go, plan and strategize! It was wonderful to get introduced to the art of Fundraising

Noura Shaheen, Makhzoumi Foundation

Dear Mr. Nehme, you have been a teacher who not just saw our today, but managed to make us see our tomorrow as well. It has been a privilege to learn from you. Thank you Sir!

Talal Haidar, Lebanese Democratic Youth Forum

Dear Mr. Nehme, your sessions made me a better person even though I wasn't lucky enough to attend them all. Thank you for the valuable information you gave us.

Sultan Al Saify, Lebanese Democratic Youth Forum

Dear Mr. Nehme, we are so proud of having the chance to meet you and benefit from the best and most valuable sessions you have given to us. Many thanks again. Respect.

Liliane Hamzé, Lebanese Democratic Youth Forum

تحية طيبة سيدي العزيز، لمن دواعي السرور حضور محاضراتك القيمه والتي اغنتني كثيرا بمعلومات وفوائد كثيره واتمنى حضور محاضرات بمواضيع اخرى وجديدة واتمنالك التوفيق ومن نجاح الى نجاح

Wassim Keloonchy, Bible Society

Dear Ms. Fares, congratulations for the very positive evaluation form the participants. It is really a great pleasure and privilege having you as a trainer within our team.

Gerhard Rettenbacher, GOPA/GIZ

Je viens de recevoir votre e-mail, je ne peux que vous feliciter pour vos efforts que vous depensez dans le domaine du social, pour un avenir meilleur, un meilleur Liban. Bien a vous.

Roger Chidiac, Independent Legislative Office

Dear Rouba and Amin, we would like to thank you for your participation in the 'Youth Leadership Program' and look forward to see you again. Both interventions made great impact on participants.

Fady Bustros, Lebanon Renaissance Foundation

استاذ امين المحترم، تحية تقدير واحترام. اشكر لك نبل خلقك وحسن تعاملك وكريم تواصلك. لقد ابدعتم في رسم صور جميله من القيم والمعرفه في مخيلتي، والتي ستثري حياتي العمليه والشخصية. اسعد بتواصلكم دائماً واتشرف بخدمتكم مستقبلاً.

عبدالله التميمي, إطعام

كل الشكر والتقدير لكم ولجهودكم في هذه الدورة. فهي مفيدة بكل المقاييس.

د.علي الضاحي, جمعية أسر التوحد - التلفزيون السعودي

نشكر الأستاذ أمين نعمه على ما قدمه من معلومات ومهارات مفيدة في سبيل تحقيق مفهوم القيادة والحكومة في المنظمات غير الربحية. فلقد استفدنا كثيرا من ورش العمل التي شاركنا فيها.

أحمد النويصر, جمعية الفضول الخيرية بالأحساء

The 'Social Media Strategy' workshop was really an added value. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Nidal Alameh, NRC

Dear Amine and Rouba, I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for all the efforts and knowledge that you shared with us during the past two years. The courses given were perfectly chosen to reflect our needs as civil society professionals and your tutoring gave us the proper tools to become leaders in the future. Even though my learning phase has ended, I hope a new phase of cooperation and friendship will start.

Elie Abouchaaya, NGO Capacity Building Program Graduate

Thank you for your hard work and efforts to make MEPI-LAA a success. I look forward to admiring your work from afar. Thank you again.

Amanda Cranmer - Former MEPI Coordinator, US Embassy

Merci pour tout ce qui a été fait pour nous. Merci pour votre email qui m'a rendu le souvenir de fundraising. Le souvenir de Madame Rouba FARES et Monsieur Amin NEHME.

Soeur Nour EID, USEK

I would like to thank you for the seminar which was a huge success and beneficial for our fundraising and communication tools in addition to our ways of interaction.

Farah Teryaki, Sea Mosque Charitable Association

The session was very interesting indeed. Professional teaching (Thank you Mr Nehme!) and getting to meet with people from all over Lebanon. Thanks for keeping me posted..!

Carole Babikian Kokoni, Achrafieh 2020

It is delightful to me to be able to express through this email my gratitude towards you for letting me work with LDN. This job has increased my desire to work in research and management and for that I cannot thank you enough for generously accepting me as part of the great team. Thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I am eager to join your team again in the future and make a positive contribution to your work.

Francheska Hbayter, Assistant Project Manager

One month after having joined an NGO, I stumbled accross one of LDN's brochures promoting the NGO Capacity Building Program; it couldn't have had a better timing. This course was an incredible push for me in the NGO sector. The different modules were able to grasp my full attendtion. The information given, the tools, the life challenges yu shared with us, your students, have widenend my horizon. My sense of critical analysis has no wreached a higher level. What you are doing is a great initiative, leading local NGOs towards professionalism, yet retaining their core attention to the missions they have been created for. I take pride of being one of LDN's students.

Nassib Merhej, Adyan

I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the training seminar 'Fundraising Communication Tools' that was held on November 3, 2012. The workshop was a highly valuable and interesting one in shedding light on the art of fundraising. Thank you Mr. Nehme for your efforts. Hope we will see you in future workshops.

Joelle Semaan, American University of Beirut

It was such a nice and wonderful experience to attend the 'Fundraising Communication Tools' on November 3, 2012. The training seminar was interesting, enlightening, efficient and informative. Thank you Mr. Amine Nehme for sharing your experience with us and most importantly making learning more fun. In sum and as you have said the workshop is meant to be fund-raising, friend-raising and fun-raising.

Mireille Daoud, American University of Beirut (AUB)

THANK YOU!! Mr.Amine Nehme & LDN for your amazing presentation..!

Mahmoud Ismail, NPA

Please accept our sincere thanks for the opportunity of sharing our news and updates with your network via Spotlight. I cannot tell you how much your support for us and belief in our mission means to us. It is thanks to such support that we are able to continue our work.

Salyne EL Samarany, Teach For Lebanon

It was great, could have used more input form the participants with their own experiences with corporate funding the good and the bad. Thanks.

Firas Al-Khateeb, UNESCO

Thank you LDN for the workshop, Concept Note, which presented valuable information for our fresh starting NGO in the social work. The professional skills of the organizing team and the harmony in which the attendees worked in made it a very rich experience.

Nada Daouk, Kitaf el Kheir

The seminar on Concept Note has been quite informing in terms of the discussions and outline we got. On behalf of my fellow attendants, I thank you for this training day. The group of trainees has been very interesting and succeeded in making learning more fun, as Right To Play puts it! I’m sure we’ll keep in touch on different occasions.

Wafa Issa, Right To Play

I've learned how to write a professional detailed proposal in the Grant Seeking Training Seminar, as in the European system. I know now more about the 5w of writing a proposal, the do's and the don'ts, the difference between objectives/outcomes/outputs and efficiency/effectiveness as well as I learned new techniques as Fishbone and the why-why method. I've also learned about the relationship that should be built between the organization and the funder. That's a practical and useful seminar!

Vanessa Bassil, Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation organization

The Grant Seeking” Training Seminar was very enlightening. It helped me understand how to communicate with he donor, gain his trust and support to achieve my goals. The trainer was professional, and the food was good..!

Nader Houella, Center for Economic Information

Dear LDN team, I would first of all like to congratulate you for the great networking you are doing through your website, that offers great help for job seekers and for associations looking to hire. We were happy at ADYAN to receive a large number of applications for a job offer of CSMO that we posted on LDN website, and we have found the right person from those applications. Thank you for your help..!

Nayla Tabbara , Adyan

Very inspiring training on fund-raising, friend-raising and fun-raising (quoting Mr. Ameen Nehmeh) with a lot of real life scenarios and enriching experiences. Plenty to reflect on and to consider upon designing fund raising strategies. Well done LDN and MEPI!

Jean-Paul Chami, Trainer

I would like to thank LDN and Mr. Amine Nehme, in particular, for the fruitful educational day spent introducing MEPI Alumni to Non-Profits. Thank you for passionately sharing your expertise and experience with us in a professional method and environment. Thank you for providing MEPI-LAA with the indispensable tools to grow into a more influencial network, a remarkable NGO and an author of change in the Lebanese civil society.

Thomas Chahine, MEPI - LAA

We sincerely appreciate your sharing with us this precious and valuable experience. The workshops have truly added to our newly founded organization depth and insight and we look forward to further cooperation to equip ourselves with the right tools to serve the needs of our community.

Hala Sbaity, Mmkn

I would like to thank you for inspiring us. For you, fundraising is not only a job or task to fill the cause and community needs. It's more than that. It is about being passionate and engaged in what you do in addition to having the proper skills... When it comes to me, I benefited a lot from the training on saturday, however there are so many question still unanswered.

Mona Merhi , Sahbeh Readership Initiative

Thank you LDN  for the valuable workshop of capacity building program for NGO. I look forward for the upcoming sessions.

Najah Ahdab, Nabras Foundation

During our sessions with the LDN, we have often discussed the importance of giving thanks to all the donors involved in our projects. Similarly, our future is also a project and, thus, I would like to thank you for your intellectual donation and involvement in our life projects. I am very thankful and appreciate the opportunity that gave me the chance to attend the LDN sessions.

Maria Hamalian, MEPI - LAA

Thanks LDN for the informative, enriching & useful Introduction to Social Media workshop :-) And i would like to thank our insructor Mr. Michel Kanbour for his expertise.

Rima Dinnawi, YWCA-Beirut

Module 1 of the capacity building for Non profits provided excellent introductory courses for the LAU-LDN “program developer” diploma. The materials used were perfectly chosen to provide a fresh look on NGOs’ challenging and uprising role. The expertise of the trainers and their interaction with the class provided the additional criteria essential for any program’s success. Keep up the excellent work! Looking forward to module 2!!

Elie Abouchaaya, HGSD

I want to thank LDN in giving me the chance to finally be subjected to the Capacity Building Program. I am inthusiastically following all the courses given.

Hiba el Kadi, ARC

Thank you for the very useful social media workshop which clarified a lot of technical details which are difficult to grasp unless you have someone guiding you on them. Thank you to Mr. Michel Kanbour for his patience and expertise!

Simine Alam, Save the Children

Thanks for the Social Media Workshop. I've enjoyed the material and the facility. I'd like to commend on the instructor's expertise in this field, Mr. Michel Kanbour.

Yasser Shaar, Habitat for Humanity Lebanon

The one-day workshop on social media was very interesting. I was aware of some of the given data but learned new ways on how to make the best use of the mentioned internet features for the benefit of the NGO I work at. So Thank you!

Mona Monzer, Save the Children

I just want to thank you very much for the course. I'm very happy and glad....

Eiad Ghannam, Institute of Finance

It was very nice meeting you during the LDN Cause and Community workshop. It sure proved to be quite an informative and enriching session.

Reina Timsah , INEGMA

Thank you so much for your amazing presentation! I really enjoyed it especially that it was the first time i attend such training! it was very enriching and interesting at the same time. I look forward for another training with you! we are committed as LSAC members to reach our goals and realize our mission.

Lamees Najem, Lebanese State Alumni Community (LSAC)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the social media workshop.You have put in our hands great tools to enhance the communication strategy. Looking forward for the coming workshops.

Nayla Hajjar, Adyan

Life is an experience, let us take on all the challenge in life, with hearts full off happines and gratitude. My dear firends, we see light in darkness, and hear sound and rhythms in silence, despite disabilities we pursue perfection. In an uncertain yet beautiful world. We strive to be elevated, today, through special performances, skills and knowlege. Am so thankful for all who gave me the chance to join that training, we add more on our selves but we should know also how to use it in good way. Please join us and enjoy our dream. Thanks again for all who works on that feed brain, and we hope to know more and more with pleasure time.

Ibrahim Amin, Mosan Center for Special Needs

The workshop held at NDU old campus on Social Media proved to be extremely beneficial in all aspects. It really widened our knowledge and gave us clear steps on the know how . I would like to thank Dr.Tadros for the effort she put .

Rana Sawaya, First Step Together Association

The Social Media workshop was very rich with useful tools that we needed to use everyday for a better sharing, communication and utilization of the internet! Thank you for putting such a good workshop with a professional facilitator who made the course even more interesting! Very fruitful experience.

Eli Abu Merhi, Oui Pour La Vie

Thank you for this chance to participate in a useful workshop about social media. I am sure that your efforts will be best translated when all lebanese organizations are able to use the information and data we learned as an additional tool for every action they take. It was wonderfull, practical and very interavtive workshop. Hope we will meet again. Thank you always.

Randa Yassir, LECORVAW

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the social media workshop and seize this opportunity to strengthen my skills in the internet media tools; the subjects were timely as the NCF is just starting to activate its programs and is about to launch its activities. Multi-Media being our main mean of implementation, the workshop provided various tools on how to promote the Foundation’s objectives, tools that were immediately applicable, and that was extremely important for our work. Thank you for the organizers, facilitator, and funding agency for this opportunity. Sincerely, Christina Bitar.

Christina Bitar, Naji Cherfan Foundation

I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful workshop we had together. I also want to thank LDN represented by Mr. Amine Nehme for allowing this great opportunity with what i believe was a pioneer initiative. THANK YOU..!

Tony Mitri Hajj , Lebanese Scout Association

Social Media is one of the best ways of promoting our sites and our businesses through its channels. It is also a powerful strategy that can get us links, awareness and massive amount of traffic. There’s no other low-cost promotional method that will easily give us large numbers of visitors to our website. I’m one of many to believe in the value that social media strategy can bring to our NGOs but not knowing how to use it efficiently for my organization. Thanks to LDN and Dr. Marlyn Tadros’s expertise, I had the precious opportunity to acquire more knowledge about Social Media strategies. Thank you!

May Zaidan, Injaz Lebanon

The Chinese say “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day…teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. I consider the Social Media and NGO training very similar to this saying. I was given the skills, the know-how, and the training needed and it is now up to me to add them up with my professional experience and to make them last a lifetime. Thanks to LDN and Virtual Activism.

Chantal Souaid, AMIDEAST Lebanon

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in your Social Media and NGO Workshop. It was a wonderful experience extending us with valuable information on diverse social media tools that we can use for free to increase our organization's outreach. I mostly enjoyed the hands-on practice that enriched the entire sessions. The trainer, Marlyn Tadros, did a great job; she was very helpful and patient. Again, thank you much!

Joelle Yazbeck, MIT Arab Business Plan Competition

Thank you Mr. Nehme and LDN for this wonderful and educational experience. It has truly added more knowledge to our cause especially from how we can let the world see what we are doing in the internet universe, and I want to thank Dr. Marlyn Tadros for her effort and kindness for enriching us with enlightened information. Thank you

Elias Sfeir, Lebanese Emigration Research Center

Dear Amin, thanks a lot. I did not only learn valuable info but had a great time, especially that I had the chance to get to know interesting people in the seminar. The presentation was extremely persuasive, flexible and with lots of interaction with the people attending the sessions. Mainly the reason why I attended the LDN Cause & Community Seminar to understand and serve better the Lebanese community via organizing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities; Our most effective and latest CSR activity was “Support Our Heroes!” Campaign where Dunkin’ Donuts customers had the chance to contribute to the Beirut Firefighters’ brigade. In their turn, they would use the money collected to purchase needed materials /outfits.

Martha Zarazir, Dunkin’ Donuts

Hello Amin, just in two words, THANK YOU! Of course, am looking forward for the next seminar!

Hiba Sarieddine, Volunteer

The training was very beneficial, and added value to our skills and knowledge. We now feel more aware of the expectations of different stakeholders involved in project work, and better equipped to meet them with the knowledge acquired through the training session. We mostly enjoyed the interaction with members of other organizations through team work in the practical session. Looking forward to more cooperation and knowledge sharing in the future.

Diane Matar, Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa

I am glad to say that our organization had a constructive and fruitful experience with your team. We appreciated your professional work and leadership as well as the synchronization in a short period of time. We cannot but be thankful for your courage to come on board of a such complex project and in a limited time and close deadline. With hope that this experience will be the first brick laid in a long lasting business relationship.

Robert Haddad, Mediterranean Design Organization

It was a great opportunity for me to attend the LDN's Fundraising Training Seminar - Writing Concept Paper held on Saturday Nov. 7th. 2009. This seminar has highlighted many points that help me to avoid falling in gaps when writing to a donor (individual or corporate). It was very informative, educational and interesting for me. I mostly enjoyed the interaction that went on between Mr. Amin, Mrs. Rouba and we as attendees from different backgrounds. I believe in practicing on writing different aspects and styles have given me a further insight on how to manage my writings skills at work when approaching certain donor. I strongly recommend this type of seminars from LDN. Thank you again for this experience.

Roula Awad-Harb, Notre Dame University

It was a great experience and interesting session, i really enjoyed every moment of it, as i learned new and important material, that hopefully will help me improve my social work and increase my career in social activities!! I want to thank Mr. Amine Nehme for his vision and advices, and i do hope for more training sessions as i am sure that each one of them will be a new experience to all of us!

Antoinette Hanna, College Notre Dame de Louaize'

Dear Amin, thank you very much for the very lively, informative, and interesting seminar. Even more impressive was your ability to transfer years of experience and techniques into simple concepts that anyone could comprehend, and more importantly, immediately apply. In fact, it pushed me to reflect about each point discussed and improve not only on a professional basis but also on a personal level. We all left the seminar with a completely different perspective. We will continue to practice the skills we've learned because we truly believe it helps our relationship and our vision grow stronger. All this highly compelled me to recommend your seminar to all my associates. Looking forward to meet you again . Thank you and best regards.

Ahlam El Khazen, MADA Communications

Thanking ideas would come to my mind when thinking about the training. It was an interesting training based on a life experience, such a good knowledge and a perfect way of transmitting the message. The material helped and is still helping. I hope we will have another gathering soon, concerning different aside topics we had during the training.

Chebel Rahme, MADA Communications

I want to thank you for the training session on Saturday November the first . As it is a new field for me especially that I am not in the Administrative work or background and i can say it was a new and interesting session. Thanks a lot

Elie Tawil, MADA Communications

I have been volunteering for five years in a charity organization. Attending this seminar promotes my vision toward team work. Building Team is not an easy job to build criteria and having same wavelength thinking of team members. This seminar, with Amin, has highlighted many points that help to avoid falling in gaps. This seminar empowers the implementing planning strategies by using new tools in communication for better constructive team productivity. All the best for all participants and we hope we can meet again. Last and not the least we appreciate your donation Amin. Thank you very much.

Ahlam El-Hattab, Philanthropic Association for Disabled Care - PADC

Thank all for the nice & efficient interaction done on Saturday. I liked it & I am reflecting nice feed back about you all. Thank you.

Dana Dbouk, Beirut Marathon

It was very interesting, empowering, and satisfying to participate in the Cause and Community training seminar with all of you. It was a good opportunity to get acquainted to you personally and to the NGOs you belong to. Moreover it was fascinating to get acquainted to Amine Nehme, our trainer whose training material and approach was very appreciative. It is very interesting for me that small group, individual participation and involvement were valued in the training. Coming from NGOs of different backgrounds, history, vision, mission, and core values, we ran in assuming certain expectations, like, JMP understood 'Program Development' as moving from Social Programs to Development Program. I look forward to being in touch with you and your NGO involvement. I thank Amine Nehme for making it possible for us to know that LDN is there to empower us with NGO capacity development.

Seta Pamboukian, Jinishian Memorial Program

Amin, thank you very much for the great work shop you gave on 'Team Building'. It made me think a lot for few days about all the points. It also helped me in finding things that I have to work on. Hope to see you again.

Firas Farhat, MD , Clemenceau Medical Center

I admit that the training seminar on 'Cause and Community' was quite wonderful and I had personally benefited from the trainer in defining and elucidating some unclear and vague tips I had in my mind before. Now I am pretty sure that I possess all the background information on NGOs and am eager to deepen my interest in this field by researching their current situation in Lebanon and by submitting my intention to register and attend the upcoming ones.

Rudy Sassine, Baldati

Thank you Very Much for the great seminar on 'NGO - Cause and Community'. I hope that i will benefit from every word and information I was taught to help the community and to step forward...

Elie Hasrouty, NDU

I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given us. It is rare to see such intellectual courses given in our region as we are usually used to the traditional and typical norms of business relations. In my opinion, the sessions you give will help us not only to be efficient at work or in our careers, but it will also make us better persons via our daily lives. The Managerial Leadership session we attended has given me a further insight on how to manage my tasks and come forth with my own input at work. In addition, and surprisingly enough, it has given me more confidence and a push to be more aggressive. I very much enjoyed the interaction that went on between the attendees. I think that listening to different experiences will prepare us to face similar situations the right way. Again, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful and educational experience. I hope that we will continue on this path.

Christiane El Hakim, Colony Capital

Thank you for the wonderful and educational session you led on Managerial Leadership. I was truly overwhelmed by the course as it has immeasurably benefited my view on management and leadership. The session has made me improve in work related matters as well as issues pertaining to my daily life. I mostly enjoyed the interaction that went on between the attendees as it broadened the scope of the session by relating real life experiences to one another. Thank you again for this experience.

George Abboud, MESMA

I want to thank you for the training day that I attended. It's a quite new field for me especially that I had another background and for that it was a new and interesting session. The good part about it too is that I have meet people who shared with us there experiences in this field. It was a fruitfull day. Thank you.

Joelle Rahme, The Lebanese Emigration Research Center