On Saturday, February 17, 2024, The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) organized a full-day workshop entitled "A Reflection on Fundraising & Individual Giving."

The interactive meeting took place at Liqaa Hotel and Conference Center in Rabieh, Beirut. It gathered a number of NGO executives, campaign directors, development officers, and project managers.

The Workshop was delivered by the president of LDN, Amin Nehme, who discussed a series of topics such as the Nature of Fundraising, Misperceptions, the Main Characteristics, and Donor Behavior.

The motivational seminar, presented with a mirror effect style, offered the participants wthe various aspects of fundraising and individual manners they may encounter.

It incorporated a diverse array of teaching methods as well as learning and practice activities while presenting a basic knowledge and understanding of ‘Fundraising’ and the surrounding framework.

It provided an opportunity for the attendees to acquire a deep understanding of the fundraising landscape through the key components of the solicitation approach.