The stakeholders of the “Transferring Feet Head Heart Hands Youth Methodology to Middle East” (THYME) Project got together on March 6, 2024 in Naples, Italy to celebrate its successful closure.

The event took place at the Naples City Hall in Palazzo San Giacomo. It was attended by the representatives of the partnering organizations, municipal officials, clergy, local partners, beneficiaries, and media people.

The meeting was dedicated to showcase the project's objectives, activities, and outcomes, and to present the positive and beneficial effect on the participants.

The introductory notes were delivered by Chiara Marciani, Councilor for youth and labor policies at the Municipality of Naples; Marco Cavaliere, president of the Youth Forum of Naples; and Roberto Sanseverino, Project Manager at the Lead Partner E.I.T.D.

The first session was followed by an intervention provided by Jesuit Father Fabrizio Valetti who focused on the “Methodology feet heart head hands” – a pedagogical and didactic method he experimented during his twenty years of service in difficult environmental contexts such as Scampia, a peripheral district of Naples, a frontier territory, a former drug-dealing center of the city, known exclusively for the numerous negative facts of the crime news.

Two consecutive panels were held afterward. The first panel brought together the national project managers who touched upon the various aspects of THYME, its impact, and the lessons learned. The second panel constituted a platform for comparative approaches provided by a group of collaborators from various institutions.

The discussion was moderated by the project coordinator Gabriella Vitiello from Scholas Occurrentes.

THYME project focuses on global citizenship and its education, democracy, and sustainable development aspects that go in line with European Youth Goals.

The Consortium is comprised of: EITD – Italy, Scholas – Spain, Jordan Youth Innovation Forum (JYIF) – Jordan, Caritas – Lebanon, and the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) – Lebanon.