About us


Centre Immigration and Integration works to support innovative educational, research and cultural initiatives for the development of civil society and for enhancing civic participation in policy-making, with a special focus on refugee and immigrant integration policies and youth activities.

The Centre's team participates in cooperation initiatives for integration between civil society organizations from all over Europe.

The methodological, expert and technical knowledge and information resulting from the exchange with partner organizations are publicly available and the CII encourages their widespread use.

CII pursues the achievement of the following objectives:
- Development and introduction of complex, innovative and interdisciplinary educational, scientific and cultural programmes, related with the advancement of the civil society in Bulgaria and increased civic participation in the policy-making process;
- Study and assistance of the social integration and personal realization of young people and persons in vulnerable socio-economic condition, including ethnic minorities, refugees and migrants;
- Development and implementation of contemporary forms and approaches for protection of the human rights of refugees and migrants, fight against racism and xenophobia, development of intercultural dialogue and integration;
- Study of the polices related to the cross-border migration of persons and provision of asylum; development of concepts, strategies and models for their updating and upgrading in line with the world processes and the membership of Bulgaria in the EU;
- Organization and coordination of cooperation initiatives between European organizations in the context of the common EU policy for asylum seekers and migrants;
- Methodological, technical and expert exchange of knowledge and information.