About us


Innovety LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in innovation management. Focusing on Strategy, People and Technology, it helps clients from government and private sector unleash their innovation potential by empowering them to develop innovative solutions, leading them to grow, compete and excel in their respective industries.

We come from a strong heritage in management consulting and management education, giving us profound hands-on knowledge of Egypt’s innovation landscape, on the one hand through real market experience, and on the other hand through our longstanding role in academia, delivering innovation and entrepreneurship training and coaching to > 20,000 students/innovators.

Our experiential capacity building programs enable our clients to build innovation capabilities and drive result-based engagement around digital innovation. Our unique learning curriculum, supported by client-tested tools helps achieve measurable results. In addition, Innovety offers its clients practical online modules to reinforce learning. The simulations are remarkably teachable, with simple but powerful administration tools.