About us


Magenta Consultoria is a company that develops European Projects with a focus on social areas and specialized, primarily, in gender.

Magenta works as well in inclusion to society of people at risk and with any kind of disadvantage. It has also developed KA1 projects with mobility of students and teaching staff to different parts of Spain, in addition to KA2, KA3, RAC and COSME, among others.

Our company philosophy is based on people, which is why our differential value is our human team. We try to take care of the details to the maximum forming a group of effective and high performance people, without leaving aside the conciliation of family life, personal and work.

In this way, we create an unbeatable working environment that is reflected in our dealings with our clients and the network of collaborators that we have both within our region and country and in other parts of the world.

The work methodology we use is adapted to the clientele and their needs, always having as an objective the end users of our services, giving special relevance to their personal, social and work improvement.