About us


The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC) is a membership network, which currently has more than 140 institutional members. It was founded in 2004, and is registered in the Republic of Cyprus.

EAEC objectives are to:
• Enable an information and experience among the European ERASMUS+ Programme Coordinators and beyond
• Promote mobility of students, academic and administrative staff in the territory of the European Union and beyond
• Circulate provisions on the Bologna Process and its updates in academic circles
• Promote principles and participation in the ERASMUS+ European Commission Programme
• Support the process of raising education and quality standards in the territory of the European Union and beyond
• Organize seminars and conferences, with an assumption of enabling direct communication among the Association's members and be a catalyst for increased mobility throughout Europe and beyond, as well as defining new areas of the Association's activity
• Prepare and submit project proposals to be funded by the European Commission
• Cooperate as a partner in European funded projects
• Run surveys and studies on topics relating to the above
• Produce publications of interest to the members