About us


Makhzoumi Foundation is a National, private, not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Established in Lebanon in 1997, upon the vision and conviction of its Founder, HE. Deputy Fouad Makhzoumi and chaired by Mrs. May Naamani Makhzoumi, out of a strong desire to help empower the community in Lebanon to achieve self-sufficient independence via improved prospects.

Strategic Goals
1. To train and educate with the skills needed for today’s workforce.
2. To increase the value of our health services, by enhancing quality and strengthening our ability to deliver cost effective care.
3. To improve the Socio-Economic status of entrepreneurs and low to medium income employees through financial and non-financial services.
4. To preserve and improve the environment as a valuable asset of Lebanon on the road towards sustainable development.
5. To meet relief and humanitarian essentials to Vulnerable Communities.