About us


Semente is a private and non-profit association based in Portugal and founded in 2019. The purpose of the Semente is the promotion, by itself or in collaboration with public or private entities, national or foreign, of human and environmental development in a paradigm of sustainability and also the management of national, European Union and co-financed programs.

Semente objectives aim to:
• Development cooperation;
• Humanitarian assistance;
• Emergency aid;
• Protection and promotion of human rights;
• Protection and preservation of the environment, indigenous species and / or endangered species;
• Promotion of education as an essential factor for the integral development of the Global Society;
• Promotion of education as a factor in changing habits for sustainable development;
• Promoting the development of a Europe of knowledge at all levels of education and training;
• Contribution to the internationalization and excellence of education and training in the European Union by encouraging creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting equality, social cohesion and active citizenship;
• Raising public awareness of current social and environmental issues.