About us


In a very short period of time, Jonathan Choufany brought with passion a foundation of knowledge and skills to the body language field.

He honed his proficiency by working with leaders, executives and decision makers in several industries where he provided them with his deep experience, and succeeded to have them acquire a nonverbal edge in business, relationships as well as other social and professional situations.

Choufany is a certified "BLAST® Deception Expert," a certified instructor in deception detection, and a company representative for "Whetstone Security Group - USA" in Lebanon. He is a licensed personologist, or face reader, specialized in profiling people on first sight and adapting to their preferred communication style. He also coaches emotional transformation using the "Emotional Management Method"® taught by Patryk and Kasia Wezowski in the "Center for Body Language."

Jonathan is the founder of "Humans Decoded Group" and a member of the "Arab Parliament for Training Experts." He lately joined the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) as Executive Trainer on topics related to body language, nonverbal communication and influence techniques.