About us


Raya Boustany is a seasoned communication specialist, with an extensive experience in the field.

During her earlier career, she focused on TV, press, publishing& advertising, developing and experiencing different communication methods to convey engaging messages.

She later thrived to expand her knowledge to serve a higher purpose: building peace, solving conflicts, and helping people/ institutions communicate to reach a win-win outcome.

Her broad and major experience concentrated on human-centered design to advance creative communication solutions that help people talk through their disparities. During the recent years, she shared her expertise and knowledge with a broad range of private and public institutions.

Raya has a B.A in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University (LAU), an Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of California - Los Angeles, and a Diploma in Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution from Saint Joseph University (USJ) and ICP Paris.

To extend her professional path, she completed a training course in Non-Violent Communication Mediation at Emergence Institute - Paris as well as a special management course in Negotiation and Organizational Conflict Resolution at Harvard Extension School. She has also earned the title of a Harvard Master Negotiator from Harvard Business School.

Raya’s goal is to transmit effective communication tools that help solve conflicts and reach win-win outcomes in various negotiations.

Boustany joined LDN as Senior Executive Trainer & Consultant.