About us


Mr. Chemali is the founder and CEO of Sharp Lemon a consultancy firm specialized in digital transformation and online communication.

He started his career with telecom operators such as OGERO Telecom and France Telecom Lebanon (Cellis) where he pioneered work in developing online communication channels for each, and until 2011 was leading Alfa Telecommunications Web Team into the modern era of using digital media for customer centric service.

Since, he offered his consulting and training services under Sharp Lemon to over 75 local and international companies, helping them bring their business up to speed for the digital age within the scope of Digital Transformation, Social Media Management, Online Crisis Management, Quality Assurance and Product Management.

Since 2014, he has been collaborating with several EU funded projects such as PPRD SUDII & SSR-EU managed by CiviPol, and SPRING managed by Action Global Communications by offering capacity building services, digital communication expertise and digital transformation consultancy to EU lead programs aiming to help public sectors across 7 countries in the Mediterranean. Patrick is also a seasoned facilitator.

Alongside his private training and coaching work, he has collaborated with training centers such as Tamayyaz in Beirut and Potential in Dubai to offer various self improvement skills in Public Speaking, Time Management, Telecom for Non-Techies, Creative thinking and Problem Solving, as well as Conducting Efficient Meetings.

As a university lecturer, he currently teaches two courses on ‘Masters in Web Science’ and ‘Digital Economy’ at the Faculty of Economics at the St Joseph University (USJ) in Beirut.