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Katia Khoury Mendelek began her media career in 1991 at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) as a general TV presenter, and then as a main presenter of both programs "Cinema" and "Nharkon Saiid." Afterwards, she moved on to the famous competitions’ program “Al-Moumayyazoun” at the same station, where she was in charge later on in overseeing the broadcast anchors group.

A long series of achievements characterized her career in the media and arts in general, during which she embarked on   several prominent experiences. In 2002, she presented the "Nights of Dubai" organized during the Dubai Shopping Festival, in addition to a television   series entitled "Small Sins" and a large number of festivals and events in Lebanon and abroad.

In 2009, she moved to the Lebanese MTV channel to join the ALIVE program team as main presenter. Through the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), Mendelek will offer a number of workshops and specialized training courses on topics related to Public Speaking, Media and Communication. Mendelek holds a BA in English Literature from the Lebanese University. She is married to engineer Eli Mendelek and they have three kids.