On Saturday, December 9, 2023, The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) celebrated the successful closure of the EU-funded MYSEA project during a national forum held in Beirut.

The event brought together target groups, economic and social actors involved in the sustainable and circular economy, delegates from the public and private institutions, and media people.

Master of Ceremony, Junior Project Manager Rita Nassif, inaugurated the meeting with a round-up about the different phases of the Project. Nassif addressed MYSEA’s major goals vis-à-vis the outcomes and the key achievements registered.   

In his intervention, LDN’s Secretary General Samer Aoun emphasized the effort, energy, and great work done by the stakeholders which made a mark in the overall program.

“MYSEA was not an easy project at all. In spite of all the obstacles encountered, we have reached its objectives. Your individual inputs have been instrumental and we are grateful to all who made it possible. Onward to new horizons,” he concluded.

President of LDN Amin Nehme praised all who contributed to MYSEA’s success for their devotion, commitment, and perseverance to ensure the best implementation.

"We knew it would demand immense effort. Yet, the joy came from the realization that in Lebanon, there are coordinators, trainers, and participants who overshadowed fatigue with their enthusiasm. Your dedication turned challenges into a source of inspiration," he said.

In turn, Senior Researcher Dr. Guita Hourani introduced the major objectives of the ‘National Decent Work Policy for Youth in Lebanon’ in terms of their consolidation, integration, and active participation in development in collaboration with both the public and the private sectors. 

Afterwards, Hourani presented the Policy’s implications on the levels of Education and Training, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Job Creation, Social Capital, Effective Governance and Leadership, and Research, Monitoring and Evaluation.

During the Forum, an interactive panel discussion took place with the experts: Ilda Nahas, Rida Azar and Melkar Khoury. The panelists elaborated on various topics such as the youth situation in this ever-changing world; the skills gaps in the market place; the need for pro-youth policies, inclusion, and gender. 

Testimonials from trainers, trainees, and representatives of the collaborating centers were provided. The speakers highlighted the insightfulness of MYSEA as a life changing opportunity in addition to the high impact of the modules in terms of enhancing their practical capacity. 

The Forum concluded with the distribution of certificates to the attendees of the Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills workshops.

The National Forum was dedicated to showcase the results achieved throughout the project and to demonstrate the creative products developed as outcomes of the various workshops and activities. It offered a space for interaction, exchanging of experiences and lessons learned between youth, economic actors, and the contributing institutions.