‘Building Capacity for a Favorable Economic Environment’

The challenges of the labor market in the two countries constituted the major topic on the agenda discussed between the representatives of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) and the higher Management of the National Agency for Employment and Self-Employment (ANETI), Tunisia.

The meeting took place at the Agency’s offices in Tunis in the presence of the Director General Férihane Korbi Boussoffara, Director of International Cooperation Najet Galaoui, Senior Entrepreneurship Advisor Aida Zouari Jebri and Principal Advisor at the International Cooperation Unit Chiraz Azizi, whereas LDN’s delegation consisted of Amin Nehme - President, Samer Aoun - Secretary General and Rita Nassif - Project Coordinator.

“Tunisian youth presents nowadays an enormous potential to accelerate economic growth and enhance positive social change,” said Boussoffara.

“The Agency is committed to support them and provide more opportunities especially for women by increasing female labor participation and consequently improve community wealth,” she added.

In turn, Nehme emphasized “the significance of building the skills of the target groups by strengthening their competencies and respectively ensuring a favorable economic environment.”

“The main priority now is to increase the level of economic engagement through Scaling up, Employability and Social Entrepreneurship as the driving forces for local sustainable development,” he said.

At the end of the meeting, both parties agreed to keep communication on track by exchanging action points to be consolidated during the upcoming reunion.