The International Education Partners (IEP), Italy has appointed Mr. Amin Nehme, President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), as an Advisory Board member.

Recognized as a “Social Entrepreneur,” Nehme served as consultant, trainer and program developer for several prominent local, regional and international organizations.

With his extensive strategic experience in Capacity Building, Social Marketing and Organizational Leadership, Nehme will bring significant depth of insight to IEP’s various programmes.

The IEP Advisory Board is composed of leading figures and key experts in different fields such as global education, management, research, development and innovation.

About IEP
The International Education Partners (IEP) Italy is a prestigious and esteemed educational institution, unwavering in its commitment to bestowing exceptional and unparalleled high-level international higher education programmes within the captivating confines of Italy.

Renowned for its unwavering dedication to academic excellence, IEP Italy takes great pride in offering an extensive array of intellectually stimulating Foundation programmes and Master programmes spanning an impressive breadth of disciplines.

From the realms of Business Studies and Management Studies to the captivating frontiers of Information Technology, Science, Agriculture, Transport, Geothermal applications, Agro Food Chain, and beyond, the repertoire of programmes available at IEP Italy is nothing short of awe-inspiring.