Boy Scouts, activists, and advocates got together for the orientation workshop conducted by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) as part of the activities pertaining to the ‘Raise Environmental Awareness for Youth – READY’ Project.

The workshop was held under the title "Environmental Challenges and Sustainability." It reflected the extent to which societies recognize the legitimacy of environmental issues through influencing environmental performance and mediating the effect of green capability where commitment becomes a moral obligation.

Project Coordinator Rita Nassif inaugurated the meeting with a brief introduction about the objectives of READY and the purpose of the gathering as an integral part of the Project's goals.

In her intervention, Nassif highlighted the significance of these seminars aiming at creating a main driver to climate change while ensuring safe and clean surroundings.

During the first part of the workshop, expert and agricultural engineer Perla Naaman took the floor for a presentation through interactive discussions among the participants. She emphasized the ‘negative effect of pollution as a major factor affecting the various aspects of our life.’

Naaman elucidated how pollution - as an unwarranted disposal of mass or energy into earth's natural resources pool such as water, land, or air - results in short and long-term detriment to the atmosphere and its ecological health. She invited the attendees to promote environmental alertness through using safe and non-toxic building supplies, conserving energy and water, recycling, activism, and others.

During the second part, the participants were divided into small groups for a case study followed by a series of presentations and recommendations.

READY seeks to strengthen the socio-ecological awareness and capacity building of young beneficiaries by equipping them to assume their role as sustainability leaders in their communities.