“Diasporas' Transnational Humanitarian and Political Engagements
in Times of War: The Case of Ukrainian Women in Lebanon”

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Ukrainians residing outside their homeland have assumed pivotal roles as humanitarian and nationalistic advocates amid the protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Similar to other diaspora communities confronted with crises affecting their homelands, they have actively engaged in supporting Ukraine's struggle for independence.

This research focuses on the engagement of Ukrainian women living in Lebanon during the concurrent crises in their host country and their homeland. The study is motivated by the unique characteristics of this demographic group, including its predominantly female composition, the community's relatively small size, and the intersection of the compounded crisis in Lebanon and the aggression on Ukraine. Utilizing an online questionnaire available in both English and Ukrainian, the research explores various factors of their humanitarian and political actions.

The brief investigates the roles of Ukrainian women living in Lebanon during the ongoing war on Ukraine, highlighting their dual engagement as humanitarian and political activists. It also analyses the traditional and progressive dimensions of that engagement. Their transnational humanitarian and political activism, as well as their public policy advocacy, have positioned these women as activists within their home- and host-communities and have contributed to the discourse on diaspora women and their role in homeland affairs… more