The President of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation, Mr. Nikos A. Koukis, and the Founder and President of Culture Polis, Mr. Vassilios Laopodis signed a two-year Momerandum of Understanding aiming at  institutionalizing the framework of partnership in matters of cultural interest.

The signing took place at the historic office of the Bodosaki House where the services of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation are housed.

The partnership concerns their multilevel cooperation with emphasis on research, study, design, project implementation, initiatives and innovative applications in Greece and abroad.

Both parties pledged to help achieve common goals and more specifically to co-operate in conducting research and studies at national, European and international level.

It was also decided to explore new thematic areas of common interest, as well as to undertake actions and initiatives in the field of literature and the book in general, the dissemination of literacy and the organization of education and training activities in the specialization of both sides.

One of the primary purposes of this collaboration is the promotion of Greek culture through the Branches of the Hellenic Foundation of Culture around the world, in its various forms utilizing national policies.

Particular importance was given to the joint participation in partnerships for the elaboration of proposals and implementation of projects co-financed by Greek, EU and international programs and sources, which can relate to issues such as arts, culture and innovation, new technologies, cultural and creative industry and the digital transformation.