“I want to be an astronaut,” a phrase much easier said than done. Yet – who can really stand in the way of dreams – who can say NO to determination, wit, and hard work combined.

Twenty-three-year-old Lebanese Maya Nasr – skyrocketed in her late teenage years from being a normal Lebanese student living in the mountains – to becoming a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#MIT) alumna working with NASA and sending payloads to the International Space Station and Mars.

“I’ve constantly wondered about outer space, and always wanted to answer the big questions – why are we here? How did the universe start? Are we really alone?” Nasr told Annahar in an exclusive Zoom interview.

She is currently a 3rd year graduate student at MIT working towards her PhD. After growing up within the mountain roads of #Lebanon, Nasr now kicks off her 7th year in the United States, discovering the hidden truths of the universe… more