The ETF Network for Excellence, ENE, has just launched in 2022 its Digital initiative, one of eight priorities of the ENE project.

The ENE Digital Sub-initiative demonstrates how digitalisation in education can lead to efficient learning and teaching with the necessary buy-in from relevant stakeholders, specifically teachers and students.

The initiative’s first phase will focus on the digital transformation of teaching and learning clustered into three macro areas: digital content and tools, teachers’ digital competencies and digital pedagogical methods and concrete policy measures. The primary objective is to develop partnerships with both EU and non-EU countries.

The ETF Network for Excellence, ENE, mirrors the European Union initiative on Centres of Vocational Excellence under the Erasmus+ programme. Centres of vocational excellence are a driving force for education and training system reform.

They contribute to regional skills strategies, promoting employment and regional development by working closely with employers, and responding to learners with personalised learning pathways and the latest technology. Within the ETF's ENE network they encourage the sharing of ideas, practices and experience between VET centres at both national and international levels.