On the occasion of the International Day Against Corruption, Siren Associates published its new report, entitled “Public Procurement in Lebanon: A Gateway to Malpractice.”

The report sheds light on one of the main sources of public funds squandering in Lebanon, made possible by a frail and outdated legal framework and weakened oversight agencies. The report maps the legal and regulatory framework as well as the key stakeholders of the public procurement system. The mapping identifies the gaps, overlaps and inconsistences in the texts and the practices.

The report calls for:
• Widening the scope and increasing the means of the Central Tender Board;
• Increasing the mandate, the human resources and the financial means of the Central Inspection;
• Clarifying the roles and duties of the oversight bodies auditing the financial aspects of the procurement process;
• Subjecting all entities, including big spenders, to the oversight process;
• Ensuring consistency in the legal framework governing the municipalities’ procurement process; and
• Shielding the procurement process from political interference.

Reforming the public procurement process is one of the major building blocks to restore confidence in state institutions and lay the foundations for good governance and accountable use of public funds.

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