2020 draws to a close… A dreadful year on many fronts. Much has been written, said, documented and analyzed. Last year in that same page we were urging ‘’the people of Lebanon to defeat corruption and sectarian practices, and to ignite the long awaited change in mindset that is required to address the deficiencies that have affected us for decades.

This would require discernment and perseverance in order to bring about a sustainable and transformative political change in a country home to a diverse array of social strata and sectarian groups, but also subject to monetary disruptions, clan allegiances and divisions fueled by various regional influences.‘’

The underperformance of the political establishment, financial oligarchy, agenda-driven media and some actors of the uprising have led to a series of missed opportunities. This prevalent situation has been penalizing efforts to drive effective change. As a result, three emerging mindsets are now invading our public space: Sorrow, deception, and anger. We need to transform these mindsets into positive energies, if only to stop the fall into the abyss and avoid repeating errors or miscalculations of the past months… more