The opportunities and challenges regarding the vocational training system are recognized on the Lebanese side. Thus, in June 2018, the Prime Minister officially approved a National Strategic Framework for Vocational Education and Training 2018-2022. In this strategic framework, eight priorities were formulated (known as "Building Blocks"), including Building Block 2 "Improving the human resources management system as a key factor for quality of vocational education and training.

This is due to the fact, that vocational training institutions lack qualified educational personnel with sufficient practical, didactic and methodological skills. Only a few teachers have professional experience outside the vocational training institutions and the Lebanese Teacher Training Institute (Institut Pédagogique National pour L'Enseignement Technique, IPNET) is currently not able to provide the vocational education system with highly qualified teachers.

Consequently, at the meso level the project aims to strengthen institutional capacities. The underlying impact hypothesis is that the through the strengthened personnel capacities at the supported TVET schools and institutes as well as cooperating enterprises - in particular that of the teaching staff and in-company tutors/instructors - will improve the quality of training and lead to better qualified graduates.

The project aims to improve regulations related to the recruitment of vocational school teachers on the basis of defined qualification requirements and the development and introduction of performance-based incentive instruments for vocational school teachers, which should lead to an improvement in the quality of teaching.

In addition, further training will be provided for teaching and management staff at the participating pilot vocational training institutes and the in-company tutors/instructors of the partner companies to implement the modernized modular training programs.

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