In the context of enhancing global collaborative partnerships, the President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Amin Nehme visited the city of Barcelos in Portugal.

The visit came in response to the invitation extended by the ‘Intercultural Association Mobility Friends.’

A special meeting was held at the Association’s Campus between Nehme and the Founder and President of Mobility Friends Nuno Varajão Barbosa, in the presence of the Projects Manager Joaquim Rojas.

During the discussion, both parties agreed to join forces to accelerate the development of mobility and other projects between Europe and the neighboring countries.

This collaboration will leverage LDN’s and Mobility Friends’ combined knowledge and expertise to improve exchange between both regions.

The schedule included a visit to Barcelos City Council where a meeting was held with the Council’s Vice-President Armandina Saleiro.

Both sides addressed the importance to streamline exchanges and expedite the needed mechanisms to promote multifaceted cooperation. Afterwards, Saleiro presented to Nehme the Rooster of Barcelos, the most common emblem of Portugal.

The visit comprises several excursions to agricultural and industrial zones such as Quinta do Tamariz winery and Ferreirolux for electrical materials, as well as to prominent touristic areas like Porto and Villa Nova de Gaia.