For the third consecutive year, the Professional Center for Mediation (CPM) of Saint Joseph University (USJ) launched the Interuniversity Mediation Competition in Lebanon.

The contest was organized in collaboration with the AUF regional directorate in the Middle East, the regional office of UNESCO, and in partnership with GIZ. It aims at promoting the spirit of mediation and peaceful resolution of conflicts among youth.

The ceremony was marked by Mrs. Johanna Hawari-Bourgély, Director of the CPM, Mrs. Urte Luetzen and Justine Abi Saad from GIZ, Mrs. Maysoun Chehab from the Regional Office of UNESCO, Mr. Hervé Sabourin, Director of the AUF in the Middle East and RP Michel Scheuer, vice-rector of the USJ, representing the rector Salim Daccache.

The competition brings together 20 teams from 9 different Lebanese universities with the intervention of more than 90 CPM mediators acting as coaches, mediators, jury members and sessions supervisors.

Each team consists of 2 or 3 students assisted by a coach who is trained and assigned by the CPM.

The competition seeks to enable students to discover mediation by playing the role of conflicting parties who will be introduced to the techniques of communication, negotiation and listening in order to find an amicable solution to the dispute.