In the context of building the capacity of their team on the fundraising level, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in Lebanon (Francophonie University Association) organized a special workshop on the various “Fundraising Misperceptions and the Related Mistakes” in collaboration with the Lebanese Development network (LDN).

AUF Regional Director Dr. Herve Sabourin inaugurated the meeting with an introduction stating the objectives of these seminars while emphasizing their importance on the development process of both the personal and organizational levels.

In turn, President of LDN Amin Nehme conducted the seminars by underlining the significance of such pivotal course in the growth and expansion of the Association vis-à-vis the values, standards, rules and outcomes governing the sector.

Several topics were introduced aiming at equipping the participants with the appropriate knowledge and skills to explore new and comprehensive ways to face the major challenges. In addition, numerous techniques were discussed to promote greater engagement between AUF and the community, and effectively manage strategic fundraising plans.

AUF is a global network for the French-speaking academic community. It aims to advance solidarity and cooperation between institutions of the North and South, with priority being given to the French-speaking countries of Africa, the Arab world, South-East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Caribbean by promoting higher education and research in the French-speaking world, implementing programmes established by summits of the Francophonie and pooling the academic potential of researchers from the French-speaking world in the same discipline.