Jan 17, 2022 - Jan 19, 2022

10th Scientific International Conference

Over the last few decades, human activities, such as human-caused climate change and other human impacts on ecosystems, have transformed the Earth’s natural systems, exceeding their capacity and disrupting their self-regulatory mechanisms, with irreversible consequences for global humanity. Humanity has already been seriously affected by ongoing systemic ecological changes, such as climate change and land use change (especially deforestation).

The COVID crisis has made it even more obvious how unsustainable our way of life is. We think and talk about scenarios, we organize and plan for change, but it is difficult to set ambitious and achievable goals at the same time. All this requires innovative, creative and continuous collaboration, and only if this collaboration is itself sustainable can we become truly resilient.

We invite scholars, PhD and MA students, researchers and practitioners in environmental studies, cultural heritage, political science, economy, tourism sciences, media, , architecture, museology, archiving, audio-visual arts, information sciences/ technologies, archeology, anthropology/ethnology, history of art, geography, sociology, psychology and all related fields to submit papers on any topic related to conference theme. Papers may reflect on a wide spectrum of issues related to protection and managing of the environment and cultural heritage, sustainable development, promotion, developing of a tourism etc.

Date: Jan 17 - 19, 2022

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