Upon the invitation of Dr. Guita Hourani, the President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Amin Nehme visited Notre Dame University (NDU) for an open discussion with the students enrolled in the class of “Government Institutions and Politics in Lebanon” of the Department of Government & International Relations at the Faculty of Law & Political Science.

The heated debate issues were wide-ranging. Students reflected at the same time eagerness to participate in the political process and disenchantment with the political system in Lebanon.

Nehme’s opening question was about ‘how satisfied they are in Lebanon’ in such a challenging and controversial political and socio-economic climate. The second question raised was about the ‘major motive which keeps them in Lebanon’, whereas the third one tackled the ‘ultimate reason which makes them leave.’

Participants emphasized the various emerging difficulties as pervasive areas of concern vis-à-vis their future, in addition to the several structural, economic and political constraints preventing a lasting stability and building a viable state. However, most of them were optimistic whereas few remained skeptical.

At the end, Nehme stressed that ‘survival depends on hope and the willingness to continue against all odds’.

He invited them to live as ‘citizens of value’ regardless of the many sacrifices they would make and the cost they would incur.

He concluded that ‘change depends on their commitment and resilience when practicing those values’ and how those guiding principles can be influential while paving the way for a new and better Lebanon.