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Tarek Mahmoud- Procurement & Logistic Manager

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Tarek S. Mahmoud


1 – Profile


Performs all duties in the purchasing and contracting of goods and services, including bidder prequalification, bid analysis, negotiation and commitment of purchase orders, purchase contracts and construction contracts and (preparing Letter of Credit). Works specifically within the Category Management team in order to identify suitable categories of equipment and materials for central procurement and assignment throughout the program. Performs administration of purchase orders and purchase contracts following commitments involving high monetary expenditure or risk, engineered technical specifications, or supplementary commercial conditions. Develops and monitors Contract and Purchases forms, for the program and prepares project lists of tenderers.



2 - Personal Data


               Nationality       :  Lebanese                              Contact Number   : +966 5 34 39 34 90         

               Date of Birth    :  27.April.79                           Contact No:  + 961 3382 468 / 70-860512
         City of Residence: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                     E-Mail address:




3 - Employment                        :  Arabian Environ. Protection Co.(Inl’tec Group)  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia           

                                                      Procurement & Logistics Manager                          July.2011-Present


AEP has a joint venture with Europe Company’s in Construction Field (Civil, Electro-Mechanical, Infra structure.) and Water Treatment Field (Reverses Osmosis Plant, Waste Water Treat. Plant, Sewage Treat. Plant), dealing directly with Private and Governmental sectors, with a purchasing annual turnover of 1.5 Billion Saudi Riyal.


Major Accomplishments:

  • Expertise in handling a diverse range of operations entailing material chain operations. Proven track record of developing procedures, service standards and operational policies, planning & implementing effective control measures to reduce running costs of the unit. Expertise in product costing, outsourcing, commercial knowledge, inventory control.
  • Responsible for a team of 10 employees, directly reporting to me.
  • Perform customer and supplier relationship management at a mastery application level to develop long-term partnerships with suppliers and provides a highly skilled communications link between supply chain shareholders.
  • Placing a new strategically plans in purchasing long lead item, consumable’s material which save money and reduce the company profit.
  • Lead, direct, and control supply and logistics policies, procedures, and activities to maximize the efficiency, reliability, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of the Front Line delivery operations.
  • Manage the complete Logistics operations which include Warehousing, Freight imports and exports, documentation, Transportation & distribution activities
  • Oversee the overall Front Line logistics budget; monitor the cost and effectiveness of activities to optimize resources and priorities spending.
  • Establish targets in areas such as transit and delivery times; inventory levels; logistics service purchasing, warehousing costs; and service standards and monitor the performance of supply and logistics activities against these goals.
  • Research, negotiate, maintain, monitor, and regularly evaluate (in cooperation with Sourcing) relationships and contracts with external suppliers so that the organization has a reliable supply of goods and services that meet its standards of quality, timeliness and cost.
  • Lead, direct, evaluate, and develop professional staff to ensure that the organization’s logistics strategy is implemented effectively, consistently, and according to established guidelines and budgets.



Nesma & Partners                     Khobar,                              Saudi Arabia   
Procurement Unit Head                       October 2007-March 2011


·         Facility Management and Construction (Oil & Gas, Civil, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Power Plant, Infra structure). A main contractor for Aramco Project with a purchasing annual turnover of 2.5 Billion Saudi Riyal.


Major Accomplishments:

  • Formulating procurement strategies and coordination of all procurement & contracts activities 
  • Coordinated the team of 15 people, handled the workload distribution among the team member.
  • Evaluate, approve and monitor Vendors from the Approved Vendor List
  • Prepare Contracts and PO templates
  • Performing negotiations together with Project Management, Insurance, Taxes and Legal activities 
  • Carrying out the operational process before and after negotiations and selection of the supplier
  • Monitor and maintain budgetary compliance including purchasing and labor in all areas of responsibility
  • Manage, educate, train and supervise assigned personnel in their duties and product responsibilities
  • Develops and conduct surveys and needs assessment tools to identify replacement needs and support budget requests
  • Participate in the initial project meetings to determine and agree to specific procurement strategies policies, procedures, lines of communication, and to specify necessary terms and conditions of purchase


Wardat Al-Binan                                              Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   
Procurement Coordinator                                Jan.2001-Sep.2007


Light Construction & Finishing (Civil) with a purchasing annual turnover of 150 Million Saudi Riyal


Major Accomplishments:

  • Analyze and strive to maintain up-to-date knowledge of market trends, pricing, availability, capacity, technology and supplier capability relative to the product assigned.
  • Prepares and submits complete, accurate and appropriate procurement, encumbrance and payment documents for approval and processing.



4 - Education     :   International University Western Humanities   

                                     Seattle, United States                                  Sep/2004 – June/2007        

                                     Bachelor of Arts in Business Management    


5 – Training        :  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Leadership skills in Purchasing Management, Riyadh Feb.2011

                                    Strategic Management, Khobar Oct.2008

                                    Advanced Purchasing and Cost Saving Techniques, Khobar Sep.2007

6 – Skills and Abilities:               

  • Ability to pursue and create competitive purchase environment through constantly seeking alternative supply scenarios.
  • Ability to provide constructive critical feedback to Engineers & user departments on all aspects of the systematic approach to the company goal
  • Ability to lead people and familiarity with leadership qualities and managerial methods for effective personnel utilization including performance management, coaching and counseling
  • Ability to influence others by skilled written and oral communication and clearly state expectations and desired outcomes
  • Out Sourcing & Domestic PURCHASING- Establishment of best practice in the supply of goods and services ensuring and elimination fraudulent opportunities.
  • Material Management- MRP Minimum warehouse stock, Inventory level, improving inventory turnover, MTT-Material transfer ticket-internal transfer of stores, Return of excess material & Avoid excess, obsolescence, Standardizing of spares. Type on Inventory Control- Ncr ( Non Critical, Critical, JIT items, CAPEX Capital spares , Obsolete items, Selective inventory analysis( ABC, FSN,SDE,HML). Withdrawal of stock from warehouse, Booster Orders,