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Hanan Zanoun

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Hanan A. Zanoun


Date of Birth:               26 June 1972

Nationality:                  Jordanian

Marital Status:             Single

Address:                      Shmaisani, Bilala bin Rabah Street, Building 44

Tel.:00962 6 5669354   Mob. No.: 00962 795 303 222



Education:                   Bachelor's degree in "Jurisprudence and legislation" 1992-1996   

                                    University of Jordan – Jordan


                                    License in practicing sharea Law

                                    Higher Jurisprudence Committee 1997-1999


                                    Masters Degree in “Regional Planning”

                                    Balqa Technical Applied University - Jordan  2008-2011


Membership and affiliation:


Oct 2004 - Present        Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Standby Rosters


The Emergency Standby Forces provides a strengthening of cooperation between NRC and UN, gather information directly from the field about refugee-related conflicts and the UN’s response to these.


Mar 2005 - Present       ProCaps/ Protection Standby Capacity Force

Standby Rosters


The overall objective and purpose of the PROCAP project is to maintain and further develop a protection standby capacity (PROCAP) of qualified and experienced protection officers to support the strategic and operational protection response of UN agencies for the internally displaced and other vulnerable populations.

Experience Details

Mar.  2010 – Jul.2012   UNESCO Office Amman

Program Officer


Manager of different projects targeting vulnerable refugees and Jordanian youth living in Jordan in the field of education, child labor, juveniles, empowerment…, tasks includes preparing the projects workplan, follow up the financial expenditures, monitor the implementation in the field, preparing the progress and final reports, develop project documents for extra-budgetary recourse, lead the discussion with the donors for fund opportunities. In addition, coordinating with all UN agencies, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and liaise closely with UNESCO colleagues at HQ, and offices in the region policy and planning and implementation. Participating in the working groups’ meetings. Participated in the Syria task force meetings which aim to monitor the conflict in Syria, and planning for the different scenarios according to the development in the Syrian situation, last but not least, participated in the country needs assessment for the refugees population living in Jordan in coordination with UNHCR, and been part of the team to implement the Participatory Needs’ Assessment for Syrian refugees living in Jordan.  



May 2008 – Dec. 2009               UNHCR Office Amman

Field Assistant & Supervisor of the information-desk unit.

Monitor the implementation of UNHCR programs including the delivery of all assistance items, also monitor the situation of the persons of concern, track movements of refugees and report the challenges faced by refugees and other persons of concern, in addition of keeping regular contacts with the implementing partners to develop the delivery of the assistance, focal point of the field unit in the multi functional team to monitor the implementation of the programs in the field, in addition, participated in all of the needs assessment implementing during my work at UNHCR, and was part of the team to prepare the country response plan to the needs of Iraqi refugees.


Oct 2004 - Present        Norwegian Refugee Council

Standby personnel


UNHCR Iraq Amman (Oct 2007- Jan 2008)

                                    Field Protection Officer


Six months assignment to UNHCR Iraq

To assess IDP needs in terms of protection and assistance and make recommendations for the establishment of projects, adjustment or discontinuation of existing projects and advise the office accordingly; Closely monitor the implementation of projects under the geographical area Maintain good working relations with implementing partners and other agencies in the area; Provide advice to the office on the political, social, cultural situation in the country, and been part of the team to develop and deliver country assessment on the election in coordination with the implementing team in Iraq.


                                               UNICEF Sudan

                                               Child Protection Project Officer (Jun 2006- Dec 2006)


Six months assignment to UNICEF Sudan to support Darfur’s team developing areas of work with partners, helping to build partnerships and undertake inter-agency coordination on child protection in North Darfur, including Field visits to provide opportunities to assess local conditions and resources, and monitor UNICEF’s inputs and program impact, supervise, monitor and evaluate the implementation of UNICEF’s child protection activities in North Darfur.

Develop training manual in (Building the Capacity of Social Workers in How to Deal with Abused Children).


Apr. 2003 – Apr. 2006   Questscope for Social Development in the Middle East

Community Based Organizations Officer 


Tasks include Establishing professional relationships with community based organizations, Prepare tools and implement specialized legal trainings in subjects related to women, child and family.


World Bank project’ Site Manager/ juvenile justice (Apr. 2003 – Apr 2005)


A site manager of a joint project between Ministry of Social Development & Questscope for Development in the Middle East, Funded by World Bank to Build the capacity of the Ministry’s’ Juvenile Centers to run 6 Juvenile centers in Jordan.

Tasks included managing the project in the site, propose trainings to build staff capacity; propose programs to help juveniles to be integrated with their communities.

Find new partnership with CBOs to enhance the centers services

Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the project in the center and with partner's zones.


Mar. 2000– Mar. 2003    Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI) Jan. 2001 -March 2003

Asma Khader Advocate Office (Head of SIGI) (March 2000 –Jan 2001)

                                     Legal Attorney and Trainer on Woman & Child Rights issues.


Working through two programs; counseling program for abused women and children; tasks included social and legal counseling, court attendance and family reconciliation programs that demanded high level of sensitivity towards human feelings and relation complexities, deep investigation of relevant legal issues and cooperative team work with other councilors and related parties.


UNRWA / Women’s Programs Center (March 2000– July 2004)

Legal Counselor/ Program/ Seconded by SIGI

Assigned by (SIGI); Tasks including legal counseling, conduct a awareness lecturing and problem solving related to refugees, women and children rights.


Research Work


1998 - 2007                   Data Entry and Statistic Analysis for special national and international studies and research centers in Jordan in addition to graduate and undergraduate studies for students in the Jordan University.  Studies included:


*   Care International & International rescue committee (IRC)

PRA survey: scoping for CBO’s working with refugees in western Amman, Tasks included field visit, facilitate focus group national and refugees, and analyze the research results. 2007


*    UNRWA

PRA research working as facilitator to collect data from youth groups, the research purpose is to assess refugee caps needs and difficulties – 2007.


*    Questscope for Social Development in the Middle East

PRA research to assess (Abu Obaudah Juvenile center) needs, and difficulties, 2003.


*    Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI)

Research about Job-Abuse against Women, 2001.


*    The National Center for Development of Human Resources

  • Evaluation of Educational Curricula for Tenth Grade Students-1999
  • International Study Evaluation of Educational Curricula for Fourth Grade Students- 1998
  • International Study Evaluation of Educational Curricula for Eighth Grade Students-1998


     *    The Jordanian Center for Studies and Researches

Analyzer of a study to assist the Gender bias at the Jordanian Curricula textbooks-1999


*    People of Cancers’ needs assessment

Participate in most of the office needs’ assessments during the years of service in both Amman and Iraq Offices, and at UNESCO Office

Livelihood surveys Amman and Iraq, Ethnic groups mapping in Iraq, cash assistance eligibility process surveys in Amman, country needs’ assessment for refugees living in Jordan and for Syrian specifically.


Training Courses:

    Community Service and Human Rights Training:


*    UNESCO, Amman

Institutional training, Gender, PCPD, and Ethics trainings

*    UNHCR, Amman

Gender diversity mainstream


*    UNICEF, Sudan

E-learning course on UNICEF's Country Program
process (Version 2), 2006


*    ECPAT in Collaboration with Jordan River Foundation

Protection of children from Sexual Violence & Sexual Exploitation in Emergency & Conflict Situations, 2007

*    ProCaps, Geneva

     Protection Stand-By Capacity, 2006


*    Jordan Development Center

     Building Leadership Capacity of the Jordanian Female youth, 2006


*    Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC)

     The Norwegian Refugee Council’s Course for Normideast – standby personnel, 2005


*    Save the Children

     Training junior leaders, 2005


*    Building Capacity Of The Defense Centers / Project

     Teamwork and Institutional Cooperative Methods, TOT training,

Counseling Techniques, The materials of the project 2003-2004


*    Law Group for Human Rights (MIZAN)

     Skills of Counseling and Legal Help for Victims of Human Rights Discriminations. 2001


*    Center of Family Counseling

     Project of Fighting Family Violence. 2001


*    Law Group for Human Rights (MIZAN)

     Training of Trainers (TOT). 2001


*    Family Protection Project

     Teamwork and Institutional Cooperative Methods for Family Protection Programs. 2001


*    Directorate of Public Security & Jabal al-Taj Secondary School

     Friends of Police Training. 1989


Computer Skills:


  • Comprehensive Windows Applications skills;  DOS, Windows, Win
  • Word and Excel.
  • Auto Cad (2D & 3D) training.
  • Comprehensive Apple Macintosh applications skills; Journalist-Publisher, Adobe PhotoShop, Laser Printer and Image setter. 1997.
  • Statistic Analysis using the computer skills (SPSS).
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Advanced Photography Training.
  • Introductory Photography Training.