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Amira Halabi

Address: Beirut
Personal Statement: Clinical Therapeutic Dietitian
Education: Nutrition & Dietetics
Work Experience: Head Dietitian, Owner of Amira Halabi Diet Clinic
Professional Skills: STANFORD MEDICINE 30/72021 Children’s Week: Update on Pediatric Gastrointestinal Radiology: Would a Drink Help? 18/9/2021 An Evidence-Based Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Migraine in Adults in the primary care and General Neurology Setting 18/9/2021 CSI: ME case studies in Medical Errors 20/9/2021 Controversial topics in the pelvis: what’s the story with Mesh? 18/12/2021. Care of Patients with Respiratory Failure SAYLOR ACADEMY 5/10/2021 PSYCH101: Introduction to psychology UNIVERSITY of TASMANIA – MENZIES (Institute for Medical Research) 9/2021 Understanding Multiple Sclerosis EMC 28 & 30/11/2019 Aesthetic Practitioner Workshop KNOWTALKS: Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation UNDP 28/4/2021 Get your Facts Straight: COVID-19 Vaccines Demystified 26/5/2021 Data Driven Decision-Making 23/6/2021 Reskilling: Defining the New Normal 3/11/2021 Circular Business Model: Towards to a Full-fledge Recovery WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION WHO 8/4/2020 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) MOHAMMED BIN RASHID UNIVERSITY MBRU 1/4/2020 Let’s Break the chain of COVID-19 Infection SPORTS NUTRITION ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES SNAP 24/4/2021 Summer sports Nutrition 101 MEDREACH 2021 ADA-EASD Management of Type 2 Diabetes Statement 2021 Acute care Essentials for the primary care provider (ECG, Bedside Procedures, tips from Recent medical literature and More!) 2021 Prevention and Management of postpartum hemorrhage 2021 Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A multidisciplinary perspective 2021 Cases in Hypertension 2021 Obesity case studies SELECT SCIENCE (Advancing scientific communication) 13/4/2021 Benchtop NMR solutions throughout the food chain 13/8/2021 Evaluation of checkpoint inhibitor therapies using a mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) assay 16/8/2021 Automated process monitoring via liquid chromatography (LC) 30/8/2021 NGS sample quality control: solutions for special challenges in next generation sequencing workflows 30/8/2021 Ensuring product safety with rapid, simplified disinfection control 13/9/2021 How to pipette correctly: An expert guide to techniques and best practices 13/9/2021 Optimizing the human experience in the lab 13/9/2021 Legionella testing: latest approaches and new perspectives PHARMACOURSES (Pharma Global MENA LTD) 29/4/2021 Top pharmaceutical research design principles 6/5/2021 Difficulties in pregnant women 26/5/2021 A case study in geriatric care 13/7/2021 Interprofessional education and practice in health and social care: possible ways and assessment 23/8/2021 The management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) 24/8/2021 Cases study of complications of chronic liver diseases THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR CLINICAL NUTRITION & METABOLISM (ESPEN): LLL COURSES 26/1/2019 Approach to oral and enteral nutrition in adults 26/1/2019 Nutritional assessment and techniques 27/1/2019 Nutrition and sport 27/1/2021 Nutritional support in intensive care unit (ICU) patients CATALYST THE TRAINING LAB 15/10/2016 Cook & Chill: the advanced food safety training 14/10/2017 Food allergy and Nutrition 9/12/2017 Nutrition Psychology 10/2/2018 Gastrointestinal disorders 21/4/2018 Nutrition for pregnancy and babies 30/6/2018 Insulin Resistance-diet management 22/9/2018 Pediatric Nutrition 1/12/2018 Sports Nutrition Training 12/1/2019 Nutrition focused physical assessment (NFPA) training 27/4/2019 Vegetarian Nutrition Training LEBANESE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY LIU 2016 Malnutrition and TPN Initiation and Progression 2016 Nutrition management in Renal Disease
Personal Skills: Total cure for Diabetic cases
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