Oct 01, 2022 - Oct 09, 2022

Training for Youth Workers in Bulgaria

“Youth Empowerment - Road to Success for Youth Workers”
01 – 09 October 2022
Uzana, Gabrovo Region, Bulgaria

What is the project about?
"Youth Empowerment - Road to Success for Youth Workers" is a project which main goal is to conduct additional training for youth workers who want to develop in the field of volunteering, while increasing the capacity of partner organizations to work with volunteers.

Other goals we set with this project are:
1. To improve the level of key competences, skills and the building of lasting knowledge in the field of volunteering of young workers, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as to promote their participation in the democratic life of Europe and their active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity.
2. Analyzing and assessing the challenges in the field of volunteering faced by youth workers, including during COVID-19 in the last two years.
3. Exchange of experience and good practices, information and news for the creation of volunteer projects.
4. Acquisition of comprehensive knowledge of the management of volunteer projects and the processes in their implementation, as well as the main figures in volunteering.
5. Building European self-awareness and values in the youth involved for justice, equality and solidarity.
6. Contributing to the personal and career development of some of the participating young people who have ambitions to work in the youth sector.
7. Building lasting partnerships between the participating organizations in the field of volunteering and the youth sector.

How will we work?
Europe in Your Hand NGO will provide the opportunity for 9 days of training for 34 young workers between the ages of 18 and 45, with the following profile:
- With zero or little experience in working with volunteers
- With high motivation and desire to participate in the training course
- With high motivation and desire to work in the youth sector
- Beginners in the European Commission's volunteering programs

The training course will include discussions, simulations of various processes, in which participants will have the opportunity to improve their competencies related to work in the field of volunteering. The main activities of the project include: discussions, interactive presentations, outdoor activities, games, and intercultural evenings. The working methods used are selected entirely in the context of non-formal education and aim to develop creativity in the participants, their communication, teamwork skills and awareness of personal potential for expressing active citizenship.

The main result we expect to achieve is a well-developed team of active young European citizens who will develop their knowledge, skills and competences in the field of volunteering. The project will have an effect on two levels: at the individual level (for youth workers) and at the global level (organizations, beneficiaries, stakeholders, local communities and society as a whole). The project will contribute to the establishment of long-term partnerships between youth workers, organizations and their representatives working in the field of volunteering, providing an opportunity to exchange experiences, good practices, training methodologies, and to create and implement project proposals in the future. The multiplication of the effect of the training will be done through the direct work of 9 youth organizations involved in the project, 34 youth workers (excluding trainers) who will participate in it, as well as local communities that will reach the results and effects of the project.

Priority goes to candidates who have:
- Valid passport for 6 months from the date of return
- Schengen visa available is a plus.

Deadline for Application: August 31, 2022

* Candidates should send their CVs to: [email protected] with Subject Title: Road to Success.