The present questionnaire addresses to project managers and programmers, professionals of various sectors where project management procedures are applied, interested parts and stakeholders in project management.

This questionnaire is carried out in terms of research conducted for the dissertation "International organizations, Standardization and Dissemination of Project Management organizations" by the post-graduate student Vaia Kyratzouli. This dissertation is developed in the post-graduate program "Project & Program management" of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the University of Thessaly.

Its goal is to explore the dissemination of international Project management organisations and the Bodies of Knowledge that have been developed by them, as well as the importance of the certification for the professionals in this sector.

We reassure you that the answers given in the following questionnaire will be absolutely confidential and the compilation and process of the questionnaire data, along with their publication, in terms of conduction of this specific dissertation, will be subject to the data protection legislation. The data process and use will take place only for research purposes.

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