“Workplace health and safety training, employees’ risk perceptions, and perceived supervisor support in NGOs during COVID-19- the case of Lebanon”

We are a group of researchers interested in the work of NGOs in Lebanon. Currently, NGOs are playing major roles in helping people overcome their health and logistic problems in the era of the pandemic outbreak and that of the disastrous conditions of the Beirut blast.

This led us as researchers to investigate employees’ resilience, which is a psychological function of adapting to stressors and coping with trauma and their perceptions in the workplace. This is particularly useful for organizational behavior and human resource management.

Therefore, this research intends to understand the perceptions and behavior of NGO employees in Lebanon during the pandemic outbreak and the specific situation of the Beirut blast by studying their current behavior, and retrospectively, comparing it to that of the time of Beirut blast. It addresses the impact of employee’s resilience and workplace health and safety training on their perceived risk of COVID-19 and intention to quit.

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