The leading Libyan Development Aid Consulting Company ‘Team for Training’ organized a series of workshops on Public-Private Partnership dedicated to build the capacity of a group of high-ranked Libyan officers belonging to the National Economic Development Board (NEDB).

Secretary General of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Samer Aoun conducted the seminars which took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The material covered a wide range of topics such as PPP Principles, Framework & Process, Legal and Institutional Setup and many other.

This activity falls within the Strategic Framework supported and facilitated by the UNDP and other international actors in compliance with the policies and programs developed by the Government of Libya gearing towards alleviating the myriad of challenges facing those most in need.

Among the various programs provided is the development of Libya's Social Protection Policy (SPP) which serves as a key tool in the government's crisis response and coordination mechanisms.

To support this process, UNDP and IOM play a prominent role in enhancing the capacity of the NEDB in the areas of Public-Private Partnerships and the SDGs for Business.

Established in 2009, ‘Team for Training and Development’ is a leading Libyan Development Aid Consulting Company that caters to a wide range of national and multinational companies, public and private sectors as well as to CSOs in the region.

‘Team for Training’ provides training and consulting solutions that improve effectiveness and efficiency to target groups.

All programs mainly focus on assisting employees in addressing their performance gaps, and support companies in return with new approaches to achieve their strategic objectives.