From November 23 till November 26 2022, Réseau Euromed France (REF) organized in Beirut the Sixth Med Youth Meeting which brought around 80 young people from 16 countries active in the civil society from both sides of the Mediterranean.
Participants were able to enjoy activities, workshops, field visits, meeting local actors, public debate, discussions and sharing experience around the five main themes of the project such as 1) Social and Climate Justice, 2) Youth Mobility and Migration in the Mediterranean, 3) Citizen Participation, 4) Access to Employment and Training, and 5) freedom of expression and creation.

Project Coordinator at the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Rita Nassif provided a presentation on the LDN’s scope of work, projects and activities especially those related to the EuroMed zone.

The Med Youth network is a space of inter-knowledge, free speech and construction of common citizen projects, based on the experience, creativity and claims of committed young Mediterranean people.

It is open to all young Mediterranean people who are committed to defending equality between all, solidarity and social justice in their territories. It creates bridges between our countries in order to build common solutions to the current serious challenges, for a peaceful future in the Mediterranean.