On Saturday June 26, 2021, the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) inaugurated the first online session of ‘Podium 2030’ series by hosting the CEO of MasterPeace Global, Aart Bos.

The meeting started with a short video of the Community Arts Network (CAN) followed by an introduction provided by Bos on his work as MasterPeace leader.

In turn, LDN president Amin Nehme gave a small intervention about LDN – MasterPeace partnership.

Club Leader Antoinette Moubarak and Club Coordinator Rita Nassif gave a brief roundup about the progress of the Club in Lebanon and the ‘Living Together’ current program.

Bos then showcased a PowerPoint on the work of MasterPeace, its values, vision and goals followed by a short video of ‘Living Together.'

The event concluded with testimonials from the club’s members describing their learning experience.

The meeting was attended by the members, the trainers and other interested activists. The session was moderated by coach and trainer Maia Barghout.

‘Living Together’ Capacity Building Program is dedicated to improve the ability of local civil society organizations working in the field.

It constitutes a distinctive space to enhance the competences of Lebanese target groups who will benefit from a series of technical and soft skills’ workshops on topics related to Peace-Building, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution.

‘Podium 2030’ is a special online platform dedicated to shed light on the network’s partnerships, programmes, activities and events. In addition, it provides partners and affiliates the occasion to showcase current projects and discuss upcoming opportunities.