On 9 May, 32 students from eight private and public schools across Lebanon participated in a contest celebrating Europe Day, as 2022 marks the European Year of the Youth. The contest, which covered such topics as art, literature, history, geography, and sports, took place at the Pierre Abou Khater Amphitheatre in Beirut.

The day was a great occasion for students to gain insights into the European Union’s institutions and evolution, as well as into the 27 Member States that make up the Union.

The Europe Day contest, organised by the European Union Delegation to Lebanon, also helped shed light on Lebanon's importance as a neighbour and partner of the European Union, with whom it shares deep cultural and economic ties.

The competition kicked off with students divided into 4 groups of 8, each answering 15 multiple-choice questions, with the winners from each group advancing to the second round.

In it, students had to buzz fastest to answer first, with Syma Jadayel from the International School (Koura) declared the winner of the competition after registering the highest score.