Reem Bsaiso, ICT & Knowledge Economy expert from Jordan, talks about Leadership as a second nature, especially when citizens participate in the process and shares her own insights around the value of mentoring.

Q: What industry are you in, and why did you pick to do what you do?

A: Knowledge economy for human capital on national policy levels, in support of ICT-based Knowledge Economy and Entrepreneurial Policies and National Training.

Human resources are the basis of everything. Educated humans, who have education, culture, good citizenship, healthy, care for the environment and life on earth, can render positive systems and peace.

This is not easy to attain, yet simple, after having worked on a global model for more than 10 years, applied it on 14 country projects and then tested and scaled up to reach 100 million youth in 5 years.

I also discovered that educated students cannot be pumped into environments that are more filled with inhibitors than enablers, it is important that education has a calculated investment return, rendering economic growth and job creation. This translates into better life and peace for a new generation, where technology is opening new horizons, never dreamt of before.

What is needed is political will, to mobilize finance into changing lives and systems… more