“A multi-stakeholder approach to represent the interest of disadvantaged groups”

European Territorial Cooperation (ETC), better known as Interreg, is one of the key instruments of the European Union (EU) supporting cooperation across borders through project funding. Environment is one of the key themes for the next programming period from 2021 to 2027.

It is now more than evident that we need to change for a more resilient system, hence the Interreg provides three types of programmes: Cross Border Cooperation, Transnational Cooperation and Interregional Programmes. The Interreg Euro MED programme 2021-2027 is expected to make happen three missions: a “smarter Med”, a “greener Med” and “green living areas” through two cooperating flanks: the thematic side and the Governance one. Since 2019, it has been on the making through a co-design approach, which enables a wide range of people to make a creative contribution to the formulation and solution of a challenge.

Lucia Conti,  MYSEA senior project manager, took part in the consultation for the preparation of the Interreg Next Med Programme 2021-2027,  which involves both EU countries and partner countries and is currently underway. By filling in the online questionnaire, the MYSEA project had the opportunity to select the Specific Objectives deemed most relevant and to propose some types of actions to be considered in the programming process. We interviewed Lucia Conti to find out more... more