By the book, Paris women were not allowed to wear trousers until the year 2013. The law that didn’t allow ladies to wear pants has been in effect for over two centuries. Even though it turned into a joke that was ignored by millions of Paris women, who wore all types of trousers, the law remained written in the statute books until 2013. It was the minister of women’s rights, who drafted a statement that made it possible to finally repeal it.

The initial purpose of the law was to prevent women from accessing some jobs or positions that were considered male domains. Thus women were required to ask for permission from local police if they wanted to dress in the manner of men.

This is one particular case that confirms how old-fashioned norms, laws, beliefs, and convictions can limit equal access to jobs and opportunities because of someone’s gender, age, race, social class, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. It also shows that’s a worldwide issue. Whether it’s a ridiculous law or social norm the lives of millions of people are affected as they face various difficulties when trying to learn new skills, pursue a certain education career, or launch their own business… more