In an attempt to tackle the requirements pertaining to the various upcoming EU calls, the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) organized on February 8th the first virtual Consortium Building Coordination Meeting for 2023 to develop new ideas, enhance resourceful interaction and allow in return for effective and solid partnerships.

Around thirty organizations from different backgrounds and geographical areas of the EuroMed countries attended the meeting which was mainly dedicated to identify appropriate Lead Beneficiaries in order to build highly competitive and relevant consortiums, and respectively impact the success rates of the proposals.

The webinar constituted an opportunity for the participants to discuss the main objectives of the different calls, the formative aspects of the intended consortiums and the required expertise needed.

In addition, it provided the group with a unique space to address the key challenges and analyze the best functions to “deliver the goods”.

A follow-up will be conducted to maintain the momentum, monitor progress and ensure that action items are on track.