In an endeavor to enhance productive collaboration between the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) and its partner CulturePolis in Greece, the President of LDN Amin Nehme visited Athens where a series of meetings were held in this regard.

The visit started with a reunion with CulturePolis team during which a general round up about the current project 'TOGETHER' was conducted. Future opportunities and projects constituted part of the agenda.

Respectively, LDN Partnership Trophy was presented to the Founder and President of CulturePolis Prof. Vasilieos Laopodis who praised this initiative which represents a great sign of a successful, solid and long-lasting relationship, he said.

The reunion was followed by a special meeting with George Drivas, Delegate AWARDS Programme Coordinator at the Hellenic Foundation for Culture.

On the sideline of the visit, Nehme met with Persa Koumoutsi, Director of the Center of Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture (K.EL.A.L.P.) of CulturePolis.

Various topics were tackled where discussion points will be confined later on into a general work plan.