In an endeavor to strengthen the bond and enhance collaboration between both organizations, a coordination meeting was held between Caritas Lebanon and the Lebanese Development Network (LDN).

The meeting was attended by the President of Caritas Lebanon Father Michel Abboud, Head of Youth Department Peter Mahfouz and Youth Field Coordinator Roy Bachaalany, whereas President Amin Nehme, Secretary General Samer Aoun and Project Coordinator Rita Nassif attended on behalf of LDN.

Fr. Abboud inaugurated the discussion with a general round up about Caritas, its current programs and future plans. He consequently emphasized “the importance of such cooperation in order to overcome the various challenges facing the Lebanese society nowadays.”

In turn, Nehme affirmed the willingness of the Lebanese Network “to completely support this initiative and fully contribute to achieving the objectives of this partnership.”

The gathering provided a space for an interactive conversation which aimed at sharing ideas, aligning efforts, and subsequently sharpening strategic issues and developing priority projects.