About us


CulturePolis is a private non-profit organisation based in Corfu, Greece operating mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin with an emphasis on the broader region defined by the European Union countries of South-Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean.

CulturePolis aims at contributing – through research, analysis, debate and dialogue, as well as targeted action in information and awareness raising on issues related to: 1) Culture and the arts in the broadest sense, 2) Intercultural dialogue and the promotion of different cultural identities, 3) Sustainability in all its facets, 4) Innovative approaches and new technologies in society and economy, and 5) Creative economy and entrepreneurship.

CulturePolis mission is be defined as follows:
1) To protect, promote and ensure the understanding and respect of sustainability and cultural diversity, wherein lies the wealth of Europe and its neighboring regions.
2) To participate in surveys, studies, initiatives, projects and actions that are designed to highlight the sustainable development of the region, its common cultural heritage and the different cultural identities, and to create the networks and agencies of collaborating institutions to the benefit of local communities.
3) To raise awareness, inform and mobilize stakeholders, governments and citizens to achieve the above goals, and to participate in the establishment of partnerships among civil society organizations.